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Going Gaga in Jakarta – Day 3 & 4 : Jakarta City

on November 22, 2013

Day 3 & 4  : 3 & 4 November 2013, Sunday & Monday

Gastronomy Trail :

Nyiur Cafe and Resto : 3 November 2013, Sunday, Lunch

With a heavy heart, we departed the gorgeous Putri Island and headed back to Jakarta mainland.

After a 1.5 hours boat ride, we almost pounce on any edible species that came into our paths.

Thankfully, we got to Nyiur Cafe and Resto (nearby to Marina Ancol pier) just in time.

Nyiur Cafe and Resto was housed within Putri Duyang Cottages ~ the only exotic beach resort hotel in Jakarta.

There is an indoor and outdoor sector at this cafe, with the latter overseeing the beach.


Nyiur Cafe and Resto ~ housed within Putri Duyang Cottages, the only exotic beach resort hotel in Jakarta.

We had a Tempe, Ox-tail soup, Beef soup, a Noodle, a Deep Fried Fish and a Goreng Pisang dessert.

Having nurtured a sweet tooth, my ‘favorite-iest’ was the Goreng Pisang dessert.


Tempe, Ox-tail soup, Beef soup, a Noodle, a Deep Fried Fish and a Goreng Pisang dessert.

The Goreng Pisang / Deep Fried Banana was deep fried to the exact crispiness, coated with condensed milk and topped with cheese.It was *yummzzz* *yummzz* *yummzz* *yummzz*… Still drooling whilst I am typing this.

Not only did I had seconds, I even had a third…! (*Blushes*… Ssshhheesshh….Dun tell anyone, ya… 🙂 )


Deep Fried Banana coated with condensed milk and topped with cheese. Ohhh… Heavenly…!!

Name of Eatery : Nyiur Cafe and Resto
Location : Putri Duyung Ancol, J1. Lodan Timur No. 7 Ancol Jakarta.
Contact Number : +62 21 2601 680
Email : info@putriduyung-ancol.com
Website : Putri Duyung


Istana Ayam Pop : 3 November 2013, Sunday, Dinner 

For dinner, we were off to Istana Ayam Pop ~ a Padang feast.

Padang cuisine is often associated with West Sumatra and well reputed for its strong rich coconut milk and spicy chilli in the dishes.

As like any Padang restaurant, customers DO NOT need to order the dishes.

The restaurant staffs will serve an array of small dishes to the table.


The spread we had on our table…!

We had about 21 small dishes, ranging from beef rendang, beef liver, intestines, ox brain curry, sambal petai prawns, chicken satay, ikan bilis, fried chicken and many many others.

At the end of the meal, the staffs will make a count and customers would only be charged for those dishes that they had consumed.


Juggling Act with 11 plates on both hands

Taste Paradise : 4 November 2013, Monday, Lunch 

When Sock Peng found out that she would be making a trip to Jakarta, she sought out advice on where to go and eat. One of her friends suggested “Taste Paradise” at Plaza Indonesia.

Taste Paradise had its humble beginnings from Singapore, where they kicked off as ‘Seafood Paradise’ in a 25-seater coffeeshop at Defu Lane in 2002.

Singaporeans are quick to snuff out good food and before they knew it, word had spread and foodies started patronising in droves.

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram were not even born yet at that time and their name was already everywhere!

The creation of signature dishes and introduction of live seafood won them acclaim from food critics and diners.

Seafood Paradise at Defu Lane by yellowsing-com

Taste Paradise at Defu Lane. Stock Picture by yellowsing.com

In 2006, the first Taste Paradise opened in Chinatown (48 Mosque Street).And since then, there was no looking back.

Restaurants after restaurants started sprouting around town and in June 2011, the Paradise Group ventured out of Singapore shores and arrives in Jakarta with Paradise Dynasty.

To a certain extent, I am a little heartened (and with a little pride) that our local company made their way across the seas to share the delicacies with the locals there.

Taste Paradise at Mosque Street taken from singapore-dine-sg

The first Taste Paradise at Chinatown, Mosque Street. Stock Picture abstracted from Singapore-Dine.sg

And now, here we were at Paradise Dynasty, Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia.Right at the entrance was the signage, “Taste Paradise, Grandeur of Chinese Dining”.

Woww… That is quite a ‘big name’ to it.

Upon entering, ‘Grandeur’ was really…. GRANDEUR…!

The elaborate interior fittings, the seating concepts, the antique pieces and chandeliers all lived up to it.


Did Taste Paradise really live up to its name as Grandeur of Chinese Dining ?

Taste Paradise Seatings

Elaborate interior fittings, the seating concepts, the antique pieces and chandeliers were impeccable !

The label ‘Grandeur’ transposed from the exterior fittings to its cuisines. The Siew Mai, Cheong Fun, Egg Tarts, Pork Belly, Flaky Char Siew Bun, ‘Flaming’ Claypot rice and 3-combi dessert were all testaments of so.

Taste Paradise Yummies

Grandeur furnishings with Grandeur delicacies

Of them, I found the ‘Flaming’ Claypot rice and 3-combi dessert most interesting.

Unlike most claypot rice, this claypot rice came with a little flame at the side of the pot.

The kurobuta pork topping was fragrant and tasty and the rice was cooked just nice with a little crisp and yet not too burnt.


Flaming Claypot Rice

The 3-combi dessert is made up of an Avocado Ice-Cream, Coonde Oonde Durian Ice-Cream (Durian in Black Sesame Shell) and Aloe Vera Jelly (in picture from left to right).One should first start off with the Aloe Vera Jelly as it has the lightest base, followed by the Coonde Oonde Durian Ice Cream and lastly the Avocado Ice Cream to aid in digestion.


3 Combi Dessert ~ From Left to Right : Avocado Ice-Cream, Coonde Oonde Durian Ice-Cream (Durian in Black Sesame Shell) and Aloe Vera Jelly.

The best part of our dining experience was having the Master Chef; Zeus Wong coming to sit at our table and sharing with us his journey in creating the signature dishes.It was his day-off and he was scheduled for an evening flight that very same day. Learning that we would be popping by, he cancelled his day-off to host us.

What an honour…  🙂


Master Chef, Zeus Wong (left) cancelled his day-off and came back to the restaurant to host us before flying off that very night. What an honour !

Taste Paradise Collage

The Grandeur of Chinese Dining ~ Two thumbs up for this restaurant !

Name of Eatery : Paradise  Dynasty
Location : Plaza Indonesia South Gate, 4th Floor #01JL. M.H. Thamrin kav 28 – 30, Jakarta 10350
Contact Number : +6221 2992 3838
Website : http://www.paradisegroup.com.sg

Nature vs Nurture ~ Ocean Ecopark : 3 November 2013, Sunday Noon

Covering 34 hectares, the Ocean Ecopark is an edutainment (education + entertainment) adventure hangout for family and friends.

From Animal Feeding to bumper boats, cycling, tarzan jump, segway, paintball and musical fountain show, there was something for everyone. (Each activity cost separately).


The markets were already closed when we visited after lunch.

We came to the pond and each of us had a packet of feeds for the carps.

We got quite overwhelmed when we saw the horde of carps wolfed down the feeds within seconds and wished we had more feeds for them.


Feeding the hungry carps

A ride on the dolphin boat brought us around the park and to Eco Island where we hopped off to feed the deers.

As we strolled to the deer enclosure, all of them were already sticking out their heads waiting eagerly for us.

2013-11-03 14.59.24

On-board the Dolphin Boat. Every boat had a different theme ; Octopus, Mermaid etc.

I was feeding / trying to feed them when my shades slipped off the top of my head.

The deers looked at me in amazement and must be thinking, “Hellooo… What is this silly girl doing with our food ?” Haahaahaa… 🙂

I was quite hesitant to put up this pic but I felt that this picture really captured the “Kodak-Moment”, although I think I looked really silly, comical and so ‘un-glam’.

(“Kodak Moment” captured by Darren Ng, explorelah.blogspot.sg)


Deers : Hellooo… What is this silly girl doing with our food ? Comeon, hurry and give us our food…!! : D

Name of Attraction : Ocean Ecopark, Ancol
Location : Jalan London Raya, Jakarta Utara, DKI Jakarta, 14430 Indonesia.
Contact Number : +6221 2922 2222
Website : http://www.ancol.com

Retail Explosion

Explosion is the exact term that I think needed to express what I see of the retail scene in Jakarta.

With 130+ shopping malls and still counting, there is no lack of shopping diversity in this city! From community malls to destination malls, from local souvenirs to foreign retailers, one can really go gaga, shopping in Jakarta. Thankfully, I do not stay in Jakarta, otherwise, I’m not sure if my income suffices for my shopping expenditure! 🙂

We visited two mega malls, both having a distinct characteristic of their own; ITC Mangga Dua and Plaza Indonesia.

ITC Mangaa Dua : 3 November 2013, Sunday Noon 

The Mangga Dua area itself comprises of 6 large shopping malls;-

(1) Mangga Dua Mall

(2) The Harco Mas Mangga Dua ~ Electronics

(3) The Dusit Mangga Dua ~ Electronics

(4) The ITC Mangga Dua (two of it;- ITC Mangga Dua I and ITC Mangga Dua II) ~ Clothes

(5) Pasar Pagi Mangga Dua ~ Clothes

(6) The Mangga Dua WTC ~ Complete shopping mall with entertainment, food court, swimming pool, hypermart and apartment.

With so many malls and so little time, we had to narrow our shopping expedition to only one; the ITC Mangga Dua for apparels and accessories.

We arrived the mall at 4pm and with only 2 hours to go through 6 levels of retail shops, it was truly a test of speed shopping! (Shopping mall closes at 6pm.)


ITC Mangga Dua ~ for apparels and accessories

There were shoes, bags, clothes, accessories and all.

It was as like Bangkok’s Platinum Mall, except that at Platinum Mall, many retailers sold pretty much the same things, whereas at this mall, we hardly come across retailers selling the exact same apparels.

Darren picked out a Tee at one of the shops and bought it.

As we continued shopping, we did not come across a second retailer selling that exact same top.


6 levels of retail shops with so little time, it was truly a test of speed shopping!

Name of Attraction : ITC Mangga Dua
Location : Jalan Mangga Dua Raya St.
Ancol Village, Pademangan District
North Jakarta City, 14430
Contact Number : +6221 6264815
Operation Hours : 10am to 6pm

Plaza Indonesia : 4 November 2013, Monday Morning 

We checked out Plaza Indonesia on the Monday morning, couple of hours prior to our departure.

Located in Central Jakarta, Plaza Indonesia opened its doors in mid-1990s and positioned themselves as the first high end shopping mall in Indonesia.

The mall is home to a multitude of international brands, fine-dinings, F & B concept stores, authentic cuisines and cafes.


Plaza Indonesia – First High End Shopping Mall in Indonesia

Almost every International Brand can be found here; including Giorgio Armani, Christian Louboutin, Balenciaga, Fendi, Chanel, Celine, Burberry, Rolex, Christian Dior, Dolce and Gabbana, Bottega Veneta, Louis Vuitton, Tods, Gucci, Zara, Sephora, Starbucks and many many others.With all the high end boutiques, it was totally mind boggling as we walked past the endless stretch of *bling bling* window displays.


Any high end brand you name it, it is here…!

Name of Attraction : Plaza Indonesia
Location : Plaza Indonesia, Jl. Mh Thamrin Kav – 28 – 30, Menteng, Gondangdia, Jakarta Pusat, Indonesia
Contact Number : +6221 2992 0000
Website : http://www.plazaindonesia.com

Our Last Night ~ Aston Marina Hotel and Apartment : 3 November 2013, Sunday

We spent our last night in Jakarta at Aston Marina Hotel and Apartment.

Known to us as Aston Marina Hotel, we were in for a pleasant surprise when we stepped into our accommodation for the night.


Aston Marina Hotel and Apartment

It was an apartment with a little pantry and dining area.

Not wanting to let the pantry go unutilized, we bought instant noodles and some beers.


A nice kitchen area to whip up some yummies for our tummies.

It was such a nice homely feel as we lazed by the sofa pigging out the noodles deliciously whipped up by Chef Ng.

What a great way to wrap up our virgin Jakarta experience.


Lazing on the sofa and pigged out the noodles whipped up by Chef Ng. What a fanta-bulous way to wrap up our last night : )

Name of Accommodation : Aston Marina Hotel and Apartment
Location : Marina Mediterania, Tower AJl. Lodan Raya No. 2AJakarta 14430, Indonesia
Contact Number : +6221 6983 7120
Email : info@AstonMarinaAncol.com
Website : http://www.aston-international.com

Check out my other adventures in Jakarta… 🙂

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With sincere thanks to Jakarta Tourism Office for hosting us.


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