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Going Gaga in Jakarta – Day 2 & 3 : Putri Island, Sepa Island

on November 20, 2013

Day 2 & 3  : 2 & 3 November 2013, Saturday & Sunday

Rise and shine as its going to be a day of fun, sun, sand and sea at Putri Island ! ~ as we were told.

Now, where is Putri Island, as I scratched my head…

Putri Island / Pulau Putri is one of the pioneer islands established under the cohort of “Thousand Island” / Pulau Seribu in 1973.

Consisting of 128 small islands located in the Bay of Jakarta in the Java Sea, most of these islands are inhabited and could be reached within 1 to 2 hours from Marina Ancol pier.

Some of the islands that had been developed for tourism are Pulau Bidadari, Pulau Ayer, Pulau Sepa, Pulau Coconut, Pulau Pelangi, Pulau Bira, Pulau Pantara, Pulau Kul-kul and Pulau Putri.

We had the good fortune of visiting two of these islands; Pulau Putri and Pulau Sepa.

The reefs surrounding these islands is home to a myraid of marine life and muliticoloured corals, making Thousand Island a snorkelling and skin-diving paradise.

map of thousand islands

A contingent of Thousand Islands

We travelled about 30 minutes up north and arrives Marina Ancol pier, North Jakarta.

At Marina Ancol pier, (Berth No. 9), the scheduled boat departs for Putri Island at 8am sharp and the boarding time is at 7.30am.

As the Tourism office had very kindly chartered a private boat for us, we had the flexibility luxury of having a boat all to ourselves and dictating our departure time at 10am.

We boarded our boat from a private berth whilst everyone looked on.

That was like… Woo…. VIP treatment and suddenly the walkway to the boat seemed to have been transformed into a magical red carpet.


Saw this gorgeous tree formation at Marina Ancol whilst waiting for our private board.

Private Boat Collage

Our Private Boat Ride

Our boat cruised 1.5 hours through the waves before we caught sight of green and blue ‘lapis’ (as like a kueh lapis) on the sea.From afar, we went “Woooo”, ‘Wahhh” and “Ahhh”… 🙂


Lapis sea

Putri Island

As soon as we disembarked from the boat, the only word that we could utter was “Wowww…”.

Painted against a clear blue sky, the glorious sunrays penetrated the crystal clear waters unraveling the beautiful corals and marine life on the seabed.

It was as like in wonderland. I was always green with envy whenever I saw postings of such on Instagram and in travelogue programs, and today, right here at this hour, it was just before my eyes!


OMG…. I can’t wait to jump into the waters…!!

Recovering from my disbelief, it was my turn to post up this amazing picture.

Within minutes, WhatsApp messages, SMSes, LINE, Instagram comments, Facebook notifications started flooding my mobile phone, asking me where I was and how to get here.

I spent a good hour replying to the slew of messages from the different social medias.


Picture taken from above the waters…!! Could see every single coral so clearly…

Putri Island Resort

We made our way to the chalets.

There was an open shower fronting every chalet. I thought it was an excellent idea as guests could wash down before getting into their chalets.


Our little cozy chalet for the night

On top of that, more indepth thinking went into their thought process as we saw slabs of footpath from the open shower to the chalets.

Many times, we cannot lament how much we hate it when we get all sandy again after washing off our feet outside the chalets.

These foot slabs were no rocket science, but it goes to show how much attention to details has been taken into when constructing them.


Slabs of footpath from the open shower to the chalets. What a brilliant idea…!!

As I opened the door to my chalet, a gush of nice, cool aircon swept over me.

I have stayed in hotels, motels, chalets, home stays and everything else that you can name, but I have never had one that had the air-con turned on and the room cooled down before I stepped in.

It was a really nice and heartwarming gesture especially so on such a scorching hot day.


A seaview, nice cool chalet awaiting us.

Venturing around the island, the resort has a tennis court, a display aquarium and even a clean, well-maintained swimming pool should guests prefer to choose the pool over the open sea.


A nice, clean, well-maintained swimming pool for those that prefer the pool over the sea.


When I showed my sis this picture on my mobile phone, she asked why was I wearing my flip flops into the sea. I was like… Ohhh… The water is so clear that she could see my flip flops on a 5 inch mobile phone screen, and she was not even looking at this picture from my 16 inch laptop !

Sepa Island

After satisfying our tummies, we were off to explore another amazing island – Sepa Island, which was a mere 5 minutes away from Putri Island.


A mere 5 minutes away, and we are here on Sepa Island – another paradise…!!

As like Putri Island, the waters were equally as clear.

Sepa Island had a small turtle conservancy by the right side of the pier and a soft, white sandy beach which Putri Island did not have.


The difference between Putri Island and Sepa Island was this turtle conservancy and a piece of gorgeous white sandy beach.

There were not many other guests on the beach and suddenly, the “Hadouken Demon” started to possess us again. Darren, Sock Peng, Kuen Hoong and myself started ‘Hadouken-ing’ in the waters with the clear blue skies and crystal green waters. Haahaahaa… It is crazy how much fun we had doing so! 🙂

Hadouken Collage

Possessed by the Hadouken Demon once again…!!


The waters were so irresistible and we would be doing ourselves injustice if we did not go for a dip.

The seabed here had much more corals and marine life and it was much deeper as compared to the shores at Putri Island.


Goshh… Such Irresistible waters…!!

Sepa Island Swim Collage

Come on, lets dip in… (Literal)

Board Collage

bEy watch – with a capital E for Eeeerrrrr…. Hahahaa… : D

Sunset Cruise

We got back to Putri Island by 5pm to board the sunset cruise.

Seated at the bow of the boat, drifting on the waves, having the cold sea breeze beating on our naked faces, breathing in the scent of salted sea waters and watching the sun disappear into the abyssal ~ this was life !

Another beautiful day has gone by…

If only time could stood still…


Goodbye Beautiful Day…

Sunset Cruise

On-board Sunset Cruise

Glass Bottom Boat Ride

Scheduled for a 9am Glass Bottom Boat Ride, we stood by awaiting 15 minutes prior.

It was not a very huge boat and could only sit 20 persons with 2 persons on each bench.

Do go early to get a seat as there is only one ‘scheduled ride’.

However, I think they do make a second trip if there were enough paxs to fill up a second ride. Check with the boatman if you do not manage to get onto the boat.


Only 10 benches with 20 seats. They will stop customers from boarding once 20 seats are filled up.

The boat did not need to go very far for us to have our eyeballs fixated onto the seabed with an endless variety of corals and marine life with different colours, sizes, shapes and types.

For someone who was not into snorkelling or skin-diving, this was jaw-dropping and I guess this would be as close as I could get to the corals.

Seeing how magnificent and spectacular the underwater was, I could now understand why my friends were so fascinated and addicted to diving and snorkelling.


So upclose to the corals, this should be as close as I could get since I do not really snorkel or skin dive.

Glass Bottom Boat Collage

Glass Bottom Boat

Goodbye Putri Island 

It was with a tinge of sadness when we had to bid goodbye to Putri Island.

It was too short a stay!

We have not had enough of the crystal clear waters, the bountiful corals and marine life, the gorgeous sunset and sunrises….

This has to be one location that I want to be back again!


All good things must come to an end, Goodbye Putri Island. I’ll see you again soon! I’LL BE BACK….!!

Name of Attraction : Putri Island
Email : marketing@putriisland.com
Website : http://www.putriisland.com
How to get here : Travel to North Jakarta, Marina Ancol pier. Take boat from Marina Ancol Pier, berth No. 9. Boarding time : 7.30am. Boat Departure : 8.00am.
Package Rp 1,500,000 (adult, 1 night weekday)Rp 1,700,000 (adult, 1 night weekend)

Check out my other adventures in Jakarta… 🙂

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With sincere thanks to Jakarta Tourism Office for hosting us.


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