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The Magical Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor

Since some time last year, lots of friends had been flooding my wall with this very spectacular, mirror reflection in the sea. It brought out the curiosity in me and intrigued my travel bug and feet to make my way there.

Prior to the visit, I didn’t know much of this location except that it was an island or a sea bed near the sea at Kuala Selangor… or so I thought.

The day finally came when my friends and I took an overnight Sri Maju coach from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then got an Uber from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor old town which was an hour’s journey away. The fare came up to RM70 and the toll fees were RM2.50 x 3 tolls. However, we were being charged a total of RM85, probably for the two-way toll fees lest he couldn’t get any customers on his return trip back to KL.

01 DSC_1836

Overnight Sri Maju coach which was comfy and spacious with lots of leg space. One of my favorite coach providers.

19 Oct 2017, Thursday

We had booked our package from Sky Mirror Tour and Travel and prior to the trip, I made some enquiries via email and the boss replied to my emails personally. Hence, I speculated that it was some small ‘ulu’ company and that the boss had to reply the emails himself. But I was wrong… It came as a surprise to me that it was a rather well-organised, large set-up with proper systems and procedures in place.


Excited and all ready for our Sky Mirror adventure, we waited impatiently for our pickup from Sky Mirror Tour and Travel to send us to their private jetty which was a 5 to 10 minutes drive away from Vi hotel where we were staying.

lee Vee at Vi Hotel. Heh hehh… A very new and clean hotel (started in early 2017) with even a swimming pool. Was largely impressed considering it was a small town without much tourists.

We arrived at their private jetty. It wasn’t a huge place but there was a good amount of seats for the waiting visitors, few but clean washroom and shower facilities, lots of sample pictures from the previous visitors and a small counter for the staffs. They conducted a briefing session before we boarded the boat and off we went for our adventure.

Lots of seats for the waiting visitors, few but clean washroom and shower facilities, lots of sample pictures from the previous visitors and a small counter for the staffs.

It was a 30 minutes bumpy boat ride before we finally arrived…. in the middle of the sea and in the middle of errrmmmm nowhere…

We have arrived. Huhhh…??!! Here…??!!

Our boat guide (Johnny) turned around and told us, “We are here, we can get off the boat now.” We were like…. “Errmmm… Are you sure? We don’t see any ‘ground’ that we could stand on…!” Except for the vast sea that stretches to nowhere, there was nothing in sight.

A boat could take about 20 paxs => 18 customers + 1 boat guide + 1 boatman

Can get off the boat…??!!

He took the lead and got off the boat. Seeing him stand on some ‘solid ground’, we got off the boat too. There was indeed a piece of flat land that we could stand on!

Ohhh… Really can stand….??!!

We had arrived at “Sky Mirror”! Facebook posts and Wikipedia have dubbed it as the Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia, ‘mystery’ or ‘secret island’ as like the Salar lake in Bolivia.

This picture on the left was taken when we first got off the boat. The water was about mid-calf. About 15 minutes later, the water subsided until it only covered our feet!


It was a very phenomenal experience. On beautiful days, the sky and sea would merge as one, combined with the shallow waters, creating awesome reflections for the visitors.

We were only given one hour at this location, because, if not, the tide will start to rise again and we would not be able to get out in time as once it rose to (full) high tide, it was a normal sea route for the massive container ships!

During the one hour, we had such a blast posing, jumping, running around, cam-whoring. Omg… one hour where got enough…??!! But seriously, we were totally shacked out after that one hour. Wahahhahaa….. : p

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We were quite thankful to the staffs at Sky Mirror Tour and Travel that went around helping to take pics for their customers, suggesting quirky and funny poses and yet at the same time ensuring that our safety was not compromised.

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This ‘island’ could be visited up to about 20 days in a month, with its best visiting dates being the 1st and 15th of the lunar month, as well as 4 days before or after these dates. These dates have the most ideal tide levels and timings for visit as the rest of the ideal tide levels may not coincide with the ideal tide timings, meaning ideal tide level could be at midnight etc.


21 Oct 2017, Saturday

Taking into consideration that we will be traveling so far to Kuala Selangor to catch the Sky Mirror, we had decided to book for two days lest we couldn’t get the awesome pics on the first day due to bad weather etc.

So, here we were… off to our second Sky Mirror trip on Saturday.

So excited for our second Sky Mirror trip !

We had requested for Johnny to be our boat guide once again as we had gotten very comfortable and happy with his cheery smile, jokes and laughter.

Such a sunshine guy with his pearly white teeth and cheery smile : )

Yayyy…. We have finally arrived and time for another one hour of crazy fun… Yeahhoooo…. ; p

Can’t wait… : p

This time round, we bought and brought more props for our cam-whoring session…

bubble gun to create the magical effect

buckets to create the water trail effects… but… gua gua gua… #failed…. Wahahahhaa…..

and nice dresses to lup over and take nice nice peektures!

So pretty…!! The reflection I mean…. Heh heh hehh… : D





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Sky Mirror is also home to a multitude of marine life such as sea clams, baby clams, bamboo clams, sea anemones, shore crabs, red crabs, soldier crabs, sea snails, and a variety of shells scattered abundantly in the sand. If one observes closely, you could see them glitter like diamonds under the sun.


Some tips for friends who would like to visit this magical destination;

  • I would suggest that you drive or rent a vehicle to get to Kuala Selangor. Once we got into Kuala Selangor town, it was pretty difficult for us to get around, as there were no public taxis or buses running on the streets. Getting an Uber or a Grab was equally as difficult.


  • Having a clear blue sky is certainly a blessing. The sunnier it is, the prettier your pictures would turn out. Hence, do go prepared with tons of sunblock, otherwise, you may look as charcoal as me when you get back.


  • As there is nowhere (no chairs, no tables as you are in the middle of the sea) to place your belongings at Sky Mirror, a waterproof bag would come in very handy to place your belongings in them before placing them on the wet ground.


  • Props such as colourful brolly and signages are provided, but nothing should stop you from preparing your own props to add to that extra fun! For those that are keen to maximise their mileage, you may even want to research on some of the poses you could do, and “practice” them beforehand as you only have one hour at this location.


  • Visitors are highly encouraged to go in bright colourful apparels and if you are going with a group of friends, you may even want to co-ordinate your colors so that you will not end up with 4 of you wearing the same red top : (


  • When shooting at the Sky Mirror, you would need to go low, as low as you can to get the best reflection. It would even be better if you could lie flat on your tummy to shoot! Hahaa… Remember to get spots with puddles of still water so as not to mar the reflection.

Blog Post1

  • To help you out a little, you may want to get a brick-like platform about 3cm to 5cm height that is strong, sturdy (will not float away), and broad enough to hold your camera to get that solo / couple / group shot lest you are not able to find someone to help you cos’ everyone is so busy cam-whoring, no one would have time to help you, except for the staffs, but they are also busy moving around all the time too!


  • Its quite a bumpy 30 minutes boat ride each way. For those that are prone to sea sickness, you might want to consider getting your sea sickness medications ready.


  • For any friends that are keen to visit, I would highly suggest that you pre-book your package with Sky Mirror Tour and Travel. (I am not paid or reimbursed to endorse them, but I’m recommending based on my experience vs my friend’s experience comparing this visit with the previous one that he went with.)


Sky Mirror Tour and Travel

Being the first to launch these sky mirror tours, they have abundance of experience under their belt in terms of the tide timings (extremely important!), logistical control, safety precautions, experienced boatman and boat guides.

If we were to arrive at the Sky Mirror too early, we would have to wait longer for the tide to subside. If we were to arrive too late, we would have wasted the remaining 1 hour available. I believe they might have despatch a staff to the site every morning to ensure the best and most appropriate timing before sending the visitors on their way, so that visitors like us will be able to maximise our time at the Sky Mirror and yet not having to wait too long onboard for the tide to subside.

On our return trip, the sea got very choppy and experience from the boatman was put to the test. If he goes too slow, the boat would tip over and capsize. If he goes too fast, the boat will crush the waves and capsize too. Hence, we witnessed first-hand how important it was to have an experienced boatman sending us to and fro, and to think how much we have belittled his role, and worse of all, with little appreciation for the hardwork that he has put in, into ensuring our safety.


How much we have belittled his powers of battling through the crazy choppy waves every single day to ensure our safety!

Previously, my friend engaged the services of another company (X) and they were stuck on the boat on their return trip as that company had miscalculated the tide timing and the tide was too low for the boat to dock. They had to park near an island and waited 3 hours in the rocking boat, for the tide to rise before their boat could get back into the jetty. Pity those that have sea sickness.


Sky Mirror Tours have also managed to secure a land to build their own pier so as to facilitate logistical control. Personally, I think it was cleaner and more efficient in terms of logistical management as we didn’t have to wait for throngs of people before it got to our turn.

Sky Mirror Tour and Travel Private Jetty (Image from Sky Mirror Tour and Travel Facebook Page)

Apart from the above, the company also includes insurance coverage for its passengers. Should something happens…. choiiii… at least there was some form of protection. #jes saying


  • Last of all, you need to bring your craziest, fun and adventurous spirit with you so as to immerse yourself and make the most out of it.

Taman Negara: From Cave to Capsule

A couple of weeks back, I came across an event posting by SANL (Singapore Adventurous & Nature-Lovers) broadcasting for a trip to Taman Negara (Pahang, Malaysia). It featured spending a night in a cave and another in a capsule. Without any hesitation, I quickly went ahead to make payment for a slot as I reckon that the slots would be snapped out within the next couple of hours. Woohoo… How exciting would that be! I had always wanted to try spending a night in a capsule and sleeping in a cave would be such a cool, awesome “once-in-a-lifetime experience”!


In the days leading to the trip, Watsapp messages came flooding in to check, enquire, confirm and affirm anything and everything we could think of.


01. Blog Post Resized

Stock photo from Google. Woww… Looks awesome. How exciting!


28 April, Fri, 8pm

The day finally arrived when 41 of us met up at Marsiling MRT station, 8pm in anticipation for the long queues at the customs since it was a long weekend. We took 3 hours to get from Marsiling to Woodlands customs but surprisingly cleared Singapore and Malaysia customs within an hour! By 12 midnight, we were off and on our way to Jerantut, Pahang.


Spending the night on the 44 seater coach for 11 hours, an (inflatable) neck pillow, eye mask or ear plug would provide much-needed comfort. The neck pillow could double up as a pillow in the cave. The ear plugs would come in handy to drown out the echoing snores in the cave. Haahaa…. Ok, I’m kidding. The snores don’t echo, but as everyone is so dead–tired and that we’re sleeping shoulder to shoulder, the snores seemed to fill up the cave.



Our 44-seater coach for the 11 hour journey


29 April, Sat, 7am

We got into Jerantut town at 7am and had an hour to savour some Roti Prata (aka Roti Canai in Malaysia). I didn’t know this was the only carbo-loading opportunity, otherwise, I might have gobbled down more pratas! Heh Heh Hehh… : D

03. Blog Post Resized

Got into Jerantut town at 7am and had 2 prata kosong and 1 milo kosong for breakfast


29 April, Sat, 9:30am

We got to Sungai Tembeling jetty at about 9:30am and were presented with our ‘goody bag’ of 3 bottles of 1.5l of water, a cutlery set (a cup, plate and spoon), a pack of biscuits, a packet of instant noodles and canned food for communal consumption, a sleeping bag (for those who chose not to bring their own) and a sleeping mat.

04. 18193458_1299933103388485_6395408275466945753_o

OMG… Are these what we are going to carry…??!! Like S-e-r-i-o-u-s-l-y….??!!


Considering the ‘sudden’ amount of goodies that we received, I had to repack my small, little, day bag into the huge backpack to accommodate the 3 bottles of 1.5l water and all the food stuffs. But to be fair, we had already been forewarned right from the start that we would need to be carrying the 3 bottles of 1.5l water on our own. It didn’t seem tough until reality strike when we had to stuff them into our backpacks and started carrying it.


Managed to squeeze the 3 bottles of 1.5l water, cutlery set (1 cup, 1 spoon, 1 plate), 1 biscuit, 1 instant noodle, 1 canned food, 1 sleeping bag into my bag. No space already… Had to tie the sleeping mat to my bag and lug it with me.


29 April, Sat, 10:30am

At 10:30am, the boat came and sent us across the river where the Taman Negara Park Centre was. There, we did up the declarations i.e. the number of plastics, clothes, socks etc that we brought. By the time the staff finished up the declarations for all 41 of us (one pax at a time! Yawnz…), it was almost close to 11:30am, where we had a briefing by the centre staff on the rules and regulations and safety procedures in the park.

06. Blog Post Resized

The declarations had to be done one pax at a time…!! Took about one hour to finish up the whole group of 41 of us!


We got back onto the boat and took a 1 hour boat ride to the entrance of the park. Enroute, we had our packed lunch on the boat.



Had our packed fried rice on-board the boat. From Leon’s expression, he doesn’t seem to like it very much… Haahaa…



29 April, Sat, 1pm

At 1pm, we had finally arrived! Excited, we sprang off the boat and started trekking into the forest. Woohoo… Our adventure starts now…!!



Starting our trek into the forest and to the cave. Our adventure starts NOW…!! Woohooo….


The trek was not arduous, but it was not as easy as I had thought. We had to trek through the muddy terrains with our 10kg backpack, going up and down the slopes, climbing over and ‘limbo-rock’ under fallen logs, walking on logs across rivers etc.

09. Blog Post Resized

Up and down the slopes, climbing over and crawling under fallen logs, walking on logs across rivers etc.


29 April, Sat, 5pm

It took me 4 hours to get from the starting point to the first cave which was the half-way mark. By the time I got here, I was already almost dead-tired and wondering why in the world did I pay to come ‘torture’ myself. Wahahhaa…. As it was getting late and dark skies were looming, everyone paced up and tried to arrive at the cave before it got more difficult.


I’ve finally reached the first cave which was the (4km) half-way mark. Still have another 4km more to go… Jia you…!!


29 April, Sat, 7pm

At 7pm, OMG… I made it to the Gua Kepayang Besar (cave)! Just as I stepped into the cave, it poured. Pheww…. I was really really lucky… Some of my group mates who arrived later almost missed the entrance as it wasn’t prominent, with the fact that one have to climb up to the entrance of the cave, making it rather elusive and mysterious.



No obvious signage near the ground and especially when it was very dark, one could hardly tell that this was the ground entrance to the cave. Had to climb up to the cave using either of the two yellow arrows to be able to get into the cave.


The cave is huge and is able to accommodate up to 200 paxs. As there were 3 or 4 other groups on the day that we went, the cave seemed to be ‘packed’ with hikers. Our guide had laid out a ground sheet for us and all we needed to do was to place our sleeping mat and ‘chope’ our sleeping area.


Since it was pouring and dark, I didn’t get the chance to go to the river to wash or freshen up. I got my cleanliness fix from the wet wipes and powder that I brought.


12. Blog Post Resized

A lot of hikers on the day that we went


30 April, Sun, 1am

One of our group mates “R” fell ill during the trek and wasn’t able to make it to our cave. Several of the guys in our group were yanked out from their slumberland and activated for the rescue mission. Please see Andy’s first-hand adrenaline pumping account for the rescue mission!


30 April, Sun, 9:30am

As the guys had to ferry our group mate in the stretcher back to the starting point, all their belongings were split out to the rest of the team to carry them to the ending point.


13. Blog Post Resized

By 7am, daylight came into the cave. We started to pack our belongings and stuff the guys belongings into our own bags too.


Though my backpack was down by 2 bottles of 1.5l water (Finished 1 bottle on the first day and gave away another to the guys as I reckon they will need it more than I do during their ferrying mission), I had with me two sleeping bags and some miscellaneous items from the guys belongings.


One sleeping bag inside the bag and one sleeping bag outside the bag and some other miscellaneous items too. Haven’t start, I already ‘cui’ liaoz… Wahahhaa…. : D


Alvin and his 5 sleeping mats. Although the mats were light, it was quite bulky and difficult to crawl under the tree logs, getting across rivers and meander at the edge of the cliff ~ especially so with his injured leg from the rescue mission on the night prior.

16. Blog Post Resized

The pink, blue, black and hmmm… “ah boy’s team” : p


17. IMG-20170502-WA0012

Our only group pic without the rescue mission team. Thankfully, they had one too which I had included it at the end of this blog post.


On this day, the trek was made tougher as the terrains got mushier from the downpour last evening. We trekked through the ‘even-mushier-terrains’ with our as heavy or even heavier backpacks, going up and down the more slippery slopes, climbing over and ‘limbo-rock’ under fallen logs and walking on logs across rivers.

What was significantly different was that, there were many many more waddling across rivers and mud plains as well as meandering around the cliff on the second day as compared to the first.

As many of the rivers and mud plains were mid calves or knees high, all our shoes were totally soaked through. Our team mates in their Kampung Adidas were good, whilst the rest of us in hiking shoes were fretting over how to get our shoes out of the mud and how to get the mud out of our shoes. Hahahaa…. :”D

18. Blog Post Resized

Totally soaked (feet) in rivers and mud. Don’t even need to dream of coming out unscathed…


30 April, Sun, 2:30pm

I arrived at the Orang Asli hut at about 2:30pm and had a good 15 minutes rest before heading to the ending point / ferry pickup point, which was a mere 10 mins walk away.


Arrived at this Orang Asli Hut where we had some respite from the heat and rested our aching shoulders and sore feet. Heard from one of our group mates that the Orang Asli inhabitants actually asked them for RM5 as “shelter fees” after the whole bunch of us left. Haahaa…


30 April, Sun, 3:30pm

Seeing that most of us had arrived, the guides decided to make us lunch. We brought out our instant noodles and handed them over to the chef. Famished, we waited… waited… and waited… Ahh… Its ready! The noodles were snapped up in minutes and devoured in seconds. That was probably the most delicious noodle we’ve ever had.

20. IMG-20170502-WA0307

Ohhh… Yummz yummzz yummzzz… Faster cook, faster cook, very hungry already….


30 April, Sun, 4:30pm

Two of the boats came (one after another) and sent the first 20 of us to the campsite. As the boats came in staggered timings and we were unable to have the Rapids Shooting against the other boats, our boatman made it up to us by having our own Rapids Shooting!


Going at incredibly fast speeds, he pivoted the boat to 45 degrees on both the left and right sides. We were screaming our lungs out, whilst having a nice cool shower. Unfortunately, the boat ride only lasted 15 minutes and before we knew it, we had reached the campsite. Awwww….

21. Blog Post Resized

Our boatman was very kind and gave us our own Rapids Shooting adventure!


30 April, Sun, 5pm

We got to the campsite and I finally got a glimpse of our capsule. Ohhh… how cute they were. And the bed sure looks fluffy. I was so glad to be able to have my first shower in 48 hours too!

22. Blog Post Resized

There were tents and capsule. I was lucky to have gotten a capsule accommodation. Forgotten to take a pic with my “bed-mate”; Regina. Heh heh hehh… : p


30 April, Sun, 8pm

Whilst we waited impatiently for the guys to return and still not getting any news, we had a BBQ dinner, some ‘kpo-ing’ session and a birthday celeb before we called it a night.

23. Blog Post Resized

Got BBQ chicken and coffee cake. Damn shiok…


1 May, Mon, 8am

With the trip coming to an end, the guys finally returned in triumph. Woohooo… Yayy… The park rangers had sent our team mate to the clinic and we will swing by to pick her up upon checking out. As the guys shared their stories, I couldn’t help but feel proud of them and ashamed of myself.

What we had gone through was only a minor fraction of what they had to go through, and yet I was constantly lamenting how heavy my bag was, how painful my shoulders were, how slippery the ground was etc etc etc… : X

24. Blog Post Resized

So glad to see the guys back! But poor things… They have so many more vampire bites on their legs as compared to us… :”(


1 May, Mon, 9:45am

As quite a number of our team mates wanted to do the Canopy Walkway, I decided to tag along too. Thinking that it will be easy and stable as like Singapore’s MacRitchie Tree Top Walk, I went empty-handed, except for my mobile phone.


The Canopy Walkway was just directly across the river from the campsite and took us less than 15 minutes to get across the river to the starting point.

25. Blog Post Resized

The Canopy Walkway was just directly across the campsite where we stayed. Can even see and swim over. Haahaa….


The Canopy Walkway started off low and as we progressed, it got higher off the ground and my legs started getting as wobbly as the suspension bridges. There were a total of 6 platforms and even a stretch of ‘ladder steps’ to make our way down. Having been on quite a number of suspension bridges, I have never come across ‘ladder steps’. Hmmm… That’s interesting. It was a relatively easy walk, but yet I was soaked to the skin after the walk.

26. Blog Post Resized

Soaked through after the 530m long, 40m high Canopy Walkway


1 May, Mon, 11:30am

At 11:30am, “R” re-joined us back on our coach! We were so glad she was feeling much better and rejoiced in her return.


Slowly and surely, she’ll make it. Jia you, “R”! We will all be praying for your speedy recovery.


1 May, Mon, 11:30pm

At 11:30pm, we have finally arrived back at Singapore customs. I grabbed a bag off the luggage compartment and headed for the customs. As I placed the bag (facedown) onto the conveyor belt for scanning, I noticed a sleeping bag hooked onto it. Hmmm… thinking aloud, “Somebody must have unknowingly hooked the sleeping bag onto my bag” or so I thought…  Taking no notice of it, I left with the bag and stood at the gates waiting for my taxi companions; Andy and (son) Wei.


As Alvin stepped out from the gates, I waved goodbye to him. He waved goodbye and asked (randomly), “Did you happen to take Felicia’s bag? She took the wrong bag.” I was thinking, “Who in the world would be so cuckoo” and laughed aloud. I decided to put down the bag as it was getting heavy. “OMG…. IT’S ME….!!! This isn’t my bag…. Wahahahaa….” I managed to catch Felicia as she stepped out and got our bags swopped. Thinking back, it was hilarious and the trip ended off on a lighter note.


See… Felicia’s bag on the left and my bag on the right… Looks almost the same right? Hahahaa… Ok ok… I’m just finding excuses for myself for taking the wrong bag! Small prawn has become “Big Head Prawn”.


Some After-thoughts

Through this trip, I am glad the whole team stood as one although many of us didn’t know each other prior. We struggled, we persevered, we didn’t give in and didn’t give up and we pulled each other along the way. Nevermind that we were slow, we leave no man / woman behind.

A big Kudos to the guys who were so selfless in the rescue mission. They were yanked out from their sleep, bear the brunt of the cold, had inadequate food and water, suffered numerous slips, falls, leech bites and blisters and yet having to go through the many hurdles of the wet, muddy, slippery trail. My deepest respect to them!

I found solace in this strong sense of camaraderie which kept my heart my warm and brings tears to my eyes each time I think of it. It may not have been the most enjoyable trip but it sure resonates in us how much we could achieve when we come together as one.

Below’s an excerpt from our team leader which echoes my sentiments. Thank you all, for all that you have done. You have been an inspiration to the rest of us.

aged-parchment - thank you message part 1

Love Note from TS part 1 / 4

aged-parchment - thank you message part 2

Love Note from TS part 2 / 4

aged-parchment - thank you message part 3

Love Note from TS part 3 / 4

aged-parchment - thank you message part 4

Love Note from TS part 4 / 4. Finally finished liaoz… He quite lorr sohh right… Hahahaa…. : p


29. Our Heros

A BIG KUDOS to our HERO team! Thank you guys for your awesome, selfless act of kindness!


Last but not least, I like to end off with some tips for future hikers to Gua Kepayang Besar (cave). It may not be comprehensive and exhaustive but it should be able to cover the bulk of it.

Some Tips when trekking to Gua Kepayang Besar (cave)

–          (Inflatable) Air Cushion Neck Pillow to have better neck support as its going to be a long draggy 8 hours (or more) coach ride from Singapore to Pahang.


–          Workmen / Painting Gloves as you would need to grab lots of roots, tree trunks, ropes or anything else that you could grab hold of, to prevent yourself from falling.


–          A 30l (or more) Backpack  to carry 3 bottles of 1.5l of water, communal canned food for dinner and breakfast, cutlery set, a sleeping bag, a sleeping mat. I had initially thought it would be sufficient to bring a small little bag since it would just be one night in the cave. How wrong could I be…!! Thankfully, I had a bigger backpack and made the swop last minute seeing that I had soooooo much more things to lug with me!


–          Hydration Salts, Nuts, Energy Bars to last you through the 6 to 7 hours hike x 2 days


–          Headlight would be ideal so that you could free both hands if you should need if you ran into nightfall.


–          Some of the teammates swore by Kampung Adidas since it was a rather wet and muddy terrain. All of our “branded” trekking shoes were soaked (entirely) in rivers and mud and many fell apart.


–          Mopiko/Axe Oil came in handy to get rid of leeches since many of us didn’t have a lighter on us.


–          Some Prior Hiking Experience / a Reasonably Good Fitness as it was a rather long muddy trek with lots of hurdles such as going up and down slopes, waddling over rivers, climbing over and crawling under fallen logs, meandering along cliffs for a continuous 6 to 7 hours x 2 days. With the 10kg heavy backpacks on us, it was certainly no walk in the park.


Below’s a video taken by Kee Wan on the first day before he was called away for the rescue mission on the second day morning. The video gives a good idea of the route on day 1 and from the second minute onwards, it shows some obstacles that one would have to go through before the video ends off at the cave. Enjoy 🙂


BBB in Bali

As like every other year, I would attempt to do a sunrise on my birthday; i.e. Sunrise on a sunflower field in Thailand, Trekking up Mt Kinabalu or a Cold chilly sunrise at Bagan, Myanmar.

For 2016, I thought I should take a break and go on a yoga retreat instead. And so I went ahead to book my air tics and yoga retreat package at Bali.

Alas, 3 weeks before my trip, I had a nasty fall and broke my left elbow and fractured my right thumb during a night cycling. As I had paid for the deposit at the yoga retreat centre, I managed to cancel the yoga retreat package and had it converted into a two nights accommodation.

BBB in Bali

Had a nasty fall three weeks before my yoga retreat and had to cancel it.

Fast forward to 1 Dec, I flew over to Bali and made my way to the yoga retreat centre.


Arrives in Bali and wowww…. was really an impressive airport.

2 Dec 2016, Friday

After staying 2 days at the yoga retreat centre in Canggu (Serenity Eco Guest House). I had to make my way to Kuta.


Had a two-days stay here. Love it for its rustic-ness and the variety of yoga classes. But as the premise was really huge, many of the spots were not well-kept and at times, dusty. I had not sneezed so much in a long time.

As I was wandering along the streets outside the resort, I chanced upon a “motor-taxi” and after some negotiations, we agreed at IDR 50,000 from Canggu to Kuta, which was about an hour’s ride away. I thought I had gotten a good deal, but bammm….

After boarding the bike, he started talking. Being the chatty and talkative me, I started replying too, thinking that he was just being friendly and letting my defences down.

Below’s a transcript of our conversation. Thinking back, I think it was both scary and funny… Wahahaa…

Babbling Bike Boy (BBB)

BBB: Are you here on this trip alone?

Me: Yaa.

BBB: Your boyfriend never come?

Me: Ohh… He’s busy.

BBB: So, do you have sex with your boyfriend everyday?

Me: (Hmmm… what kind of question is this and what business is it of his!?) Hmmm…. Yaa…

BBB: So, is he good in bed? And he began to rock the bike!

Me: (Huhh…??!! Omg….) Ohh… yaaa….

BBB: I have a Big, Black Banana. Do you want to try?

Me: Errrmm, No… Thank you.

Me: (Omg… where is he going? Will he send me to my destination? Shall I jump off the bike and get another transport? I do not even know where am I and how easy was it to get another transport if I got off his bike. Thoughts ran amok in my head but I was quite surprised at how calm I was.)

20161202_124252_Richtone(HDR) w bananas

Babbling Bike Boy with his Big Black Banana (BBB : X )


Behind this smile was a thumping heart and an amok brain… Should I jump off the bike and run or should I continue with the journey on his bike? OMG… what have I gotten myself into?

He kept going on and on, telling me how good he was in bed. I just kept quiet and prayed hard that I’ll reach my destination soon. Thankfully, I arrived at my destination, for what seems like an eternity.

3 Dec 2016, Saturday

Since I could no longer do the yoga retreat, one of my friends suggested I catch a sunrise at Sanur Beach near Kuta for my birthday.

On 3 Dec morning, I dragged myself out of the bed at 4.30am and decided to catch a (proper) cab to the beach after my ordeal with the motor taxi the day prior.

It was 5am and pitch dark when I got into the cab. The cab driver started talking and asked why am I going to the beach at 5am in the morning. I told him I was there to catch a sunrise.

CD : “Are you here on this trip alone?”

Me : (Instinctively, I knew something was not right because I was asked the exact same question by the BBB (Babbling Bike Boy) the day prior.) “No, I’m here with my boyfriend.”

CD : “Ohh, so, where is he?”

Me : “He’s in the hotel room.”

CD : “I see. Now, its only 5am. You can reach the beach by 5.30am. It’s too early. Why don’t we sit by the beach and kiss?” (He suggested.)

Me : “Ohh noo…. I’m busy.” (Garnering my experience from the previous encounter.) “I’m a travel reporter and I’m here for work. I need to find a framing for the sunrise, take notes etc. I need to document my entire sunrise experience, including this cab ride.”

CD : Suddenly, he knew he was in danger of being “exposed’ to the media. And he laughed. “Ohh… maybe you would write about this cheeky taxi-driver too?”. Ohh yes… you bet. And there, you are… Hahahaa… (Unfortunately it was too dark and I didn’t manage to catch any picture of him.)

Not long after, he called one of his friends to take over the job of sending me to the beach and gave excuses that he had just received another job. Holy crap… But, well, so much for the perils of a single female traveller.

Anyways, I got to the beach and back, safe and sound ~ pheww! And I caught this beautiful sunrise on my 40th birthday. Thank you, God, for the love and protection and for giving me yet another beautiful sunrise.


Thank you God for the beautiful sunrise!


Love the smell of a sunrise, though its a tug-of-war with the bed.


The serenity of a sunrise beats anything else.

20161203_055737_Richtone(HDR) R1 small

Happy 40th Birthday, my dear friend. May there be many more sunrises to come, and may there be someone dear for me to watch the sunrise with… : )


Yup… Its a beautiful day and let’s cherish every single day that we have…. be it Birthday or not…



With my new RED HOT CONTE, I was off exploring the PCN, testing the bike and its performance. Here are some of my favorite pictures with 小红.

小红’s virgin ride to Punggol Park
小红 saw this half-parched tree on the Punggol PCN towards Sengkang Riverside Park. Poor tree… 😦
Almost every weekend, 小红 will cycle past SAFRA Punggol. Today, it has finally opened its doors. It is a rather amazing feeling similar to a baby being born after a nine months pregnancy.
I had just touched down in Singapore and was so itching for a ride. Glad I decided to go for it despite being so drained else, I wouldn’t have caught this amazing sunset near Punggol Marina.
I super-love this sunset for the amazing reflection it had on the mirrored waters and its rays fighting to break through the clouds. Taken at Punggol PCN as well.
小红 went gai gai with old fren Java TT7. Was so glad that I had two bikes and that I could go cycling with a good friend of mine.
It was Joyce’s first visit to the Coney island and it was already a remarkable feat for her to be able to cover that distance. Good job, my dear friend. So proud of you!
Love this hill beside SAFRA Punggol which gives the illusion of the bike being in the clouds.
小红与大树. We are really really so minute in this universe.

小红 was put to test one of the nights when I chased after a cyclist.

During my recent 8.5 days meditation retreat at Bodhi Meditation Center, we were constantly ‘drilled’ with values such as patience, compassion and loving kindness to all. We were encouraged to practice loving kindness and to treat everyone we see on the streets as our own sibling, parents or grandparents.

During all these times when I cycle on the PCN’s (park connectors), I’ll see foreign workers cycling past me or towards me without any lights. I reckon most either do not wish to or do not feel the need to, to spend their additional savings on the lights, which I can fully understand. But, they do not realise how dangerous that is for themselves and for other PCN users, especially because certain segments of the PCN can get quite dark without any street lights.

Hence, I bought lots of front and rear bike lights from Bike Zone Connection Sengkang Square to pass to any of these foreign workers if I should come across any of them. Knowing that I was out on a mission, Johnson and Alan (the really sweet and kind guyz at Bike Zone) even gave me a discount on the lights.

As I cycled back after the sunset one of the nights, I saw a foreign worker cycling towards me without any bike lights. I hesitated and was afraid to approach him.

“Stop him. No, I think I better not. Stop him. No, maybe he doesn’t need a light. Stop him. I think maybe another day. Stop him. No, I’m scared.” After all that deliberation, the foreign worker had already cycled way past me.

I finally decided to turn around and chased after him to give him the lights. My Conte’s performance was put to the test in that chase and I finally caught up with him. I guess it was scary for him to have someone popping out of nowhere and stopping him in the middle of the PCN as well.

I asked if he had a light (what a silly question, obviously he didn’t have one!) and asked why he didn’t have a light. (Another even sillier question… Duhh….!) Because, I didn’t know how else or what else to ask to break the ice from his frightened and startled face.

I helped him install the front and rear lights on his bike. He was happy and grateful and gave me a huge smile before he disappeared into the dark PCN again.

Instead of lamenting (like in the past) why they refuse to install bike lights, we can instead be the light they need ~ brightening the PCN one bike at a time.

The frightened and startled foreign worker must have heaved a sigh of relief after I helped him installed the lights. Haahaa…. 🙂 He broke into a huge smile before he disappeared into the dark PCN again.

I did up a post on my Facebook and had the biggest shock of my life when the post went viral, garnering 81 shares.

To me, I believe that we should not do good because of fame or glory or because it makes us happy. We should do it because we believe that our little act of kindness will make a small difference to the other person’s life or day. Our days on Earth are very limited, and we should always try to do good every single day or at every single chance we get.

Below is an excerpt of the article published in Lianhe Wanbao (a local news publication) as well as in an online media, Mothership.sg

2016-07-04 13.41.31 R1
Didn’t even know that this was out in the papers until a friend tipped me off.

Article in Mothership.sg;


Mothership 01Mothership 02Mothership 03


Staying Alive @ Alive Museum

Since my first visit to the Alive Museum one year back with my crazy pal, I had always wanted to do a re-visit. I could remember distinctly how much fun we had and how wacky we went over the 3D artworks, props and digital art pieces. Alas, with our hectic schedules, we never got round to doing so.

With a special invite from Alive Museum for their one year anniversary, it was my best excuse to make the re-visit. Yayhoo… You can imagine how ecstatic I was, and was literally brimming from ear to ear even before I could enter the museum.

I visited the museum with a friend (Meifang) and her niece (Donna) and nephew (Toby). This visit brought back lots of wonderful memories and at the same time, created fresh ones. With over 10,000 sq ft holding more than 80 artwork exhibits, 30 per cent of the art pieces had been changed since its inception. And as a matter of fact, the museum changes 30 per cent of their art pieces every 12 to 18 months.


“Look at this trove, Treasures untold, How many wonders can one cavern hold? Looking around here you think, Sure, she’s got everything!” Soundtrack from Part of Your World (The Little Mermaid) My little mermaid and merman is ready for ya! Are you…? 🙂



Welcome to Alive Museum!



Even Toby has instructed his men to give ya a warm welcome.



And here’s my AGA way of welcoming you, Roaarrrrr…



The museum has Pose point icons and Photo point icons on the ground indicating the best spots to pose and shoot from. So, don’t worry if you can’t figure out cos they even have a “Sample pic” on how it would look like. But, of course, who’s to say you can’t add a little creativity of your own!



OMG…. Look at what the kids found in the washing machine?!



Love this Digital Art piece. Donna was actually jumping on a gym mat and the mural at the back was inverted. After the jump, all we need to do was to flip the image upside down and we could see her in the inverted posture. I thought it was very cleverly done as we were standing there wondering why was the mural at the back inverted. *Scratching our heads* Haahaa… 😀



How do you like my moon-walking with MJ? Can pass?



Ever wondered how it was to look thru the eyes of ET?



With a wide range of Digital Art, 3D Art and Object Arts, visitors can look forward to a wow and immersive experience to ‘trick’ and bewilder their friends. The crux is to ‘stay alive’ whilst being chomped up by Marilyn Monroe, dangling within metres from the crocodile’s fangs and being chased by zoombies….!!



There were no signages leading to this glass chamber and it was such a thrill for us popping our heads in to find that it leads to another segment of the Museum.



Getting around the Museum is easy… You can hitch a flight



catch a lift from the poodle,


get on the trunk of an elephant,



or simply get on a boat ride.



The kids certainly look like they are having a lot of fun…


and so is Mei Fang! Haahaa… : D



We’re so L O V I N G it here!



And this is how much we L O V E the Alive Museum… 🙂 Tell me how could you not after visiting!


Tips when visiting the Alive Museum :

– For ladies, it will be best to go in pants / jeans. Yes, I know we look prettier and more photogenic in that little dress, but well, some of the art pieces require a bit of climbing, crawling, jumping or even lying on the floor. Hence, things can get a little ‘unglam’, you know…

– Visit the washroom which is just next to the Museum before you enter it. As the Museum is quite huge and there are so many of these art pieces to camwhore with, its going to take quite a while before you get out. You wouldn’t want to miss any of those art pieces, right, cos’ you may not be able to re-enter once you exit.

– Many of these art pieces need an extra pair of hands for photography. Best to go with family, friends, loved ones or even your enemy! (If he/she doesn’t mind going with you!)


Address: Suntec City Mall #03-372 (between Towers 3 & 4) / (Beside Golden Village)

Operation Hours: Opens daily from 10am to 10pm (last admission at 9pm). Check here just to ensure that they are not closed for private events.

Approximate Duration of Visit: 1.5 hours

Ticket Prices: $25 (Adults), $20 (Children 3-12 yrs)

How to get to the Museum:

By Train :

Take the MRT to Promenade Station (Circle Line, CC4). Use Exit C and walk into the East Atrium (between Towers 3 and 4). Take the lifts / escalator up to the 3rd level.

By Bus :

Bus 36 and 531 stops at Suntec Tower 3 (busstop# 02149), which is a mere 5 minutes away from the Museum.

By Drive :

There are 4 access routes to Suntec City by car ;
•  Raffles Boulevard (from Bras Basah Road)
•  Temasek Avenue
•  Rochor Road exit from East Coast Expressway (ECP)
•  Nicoll Highway
Park in the RED zone for closer proximity to Towers 3 and 4.


This blog post is made possible by Alive Museum.

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A New Cycling Route from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Rengit in Pengerang

With the Economic Transformation programme in place, Malaysia has since placed strong emphasis on oil and gas projects. Pengerang was slated as one of the sites due to its strategic location and major international shipping lines.

The Pengerang Integrated Petroleum Complex (PIPC) is one of the largest pieces of investments in Pengerang district and located on a single plot measuring about 20,000 acres. The project houses oil refineries, naphtha crackers, petrochemical plants as well as a liquefied natural gas (LNG) import terminal and a regasification plant.

As of January 2013, two major catalytic projects were committed within the PIPC area; (a) a RM5 billion Pengerang Independent Deepwater Petroleum Terminal (PIDPT) and (b) PETRONAS’ RM60 billion Refinery and Petrochemical Integrated Development (RAPID) Project.

With such a mega-scale development across Pengerang, many of the sites were reclaimed, routes were diverted and settlements rehoused.

Pengerang had been one of my favorite destinations, with its vast rural-scape, greeneries and long stretches of roads with sparse traffic. But now, it may or may not be so anymore….

Despite all these developments, I decided to make my way there on 22 to 23 August 2015 (Sat to Sun) to check out the new route.

The ‘new route’ is now 25km instead of the old 18km route. There are signages pointing to the new route and one is not likely to lose his / her way if you keep a look-out for the signages. I will go into detail of the route by breaking it down into several segments (A, B, C, D & E). The old route is denoted as Segment X. I hope this provides a little insight for those of you who are keen to cycle into Sungai Rengit anytime soon.

New Route Map R1

The New Route labelled as Segments A to E. The old route, Segment X is now closed till 2016. The entire (brown) area in-between Segment B and Segment X is now being reclaimed for the old and petroleum projects.


Segment X

The ‘old 18km route’ is now closed and there is no way to get to Sungai Rengit town using this route anymore.

Segment A

After exiting Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal, one would need to travel about 3km on the ‘old route’ before it gets diverted to the new route. Some parts of this route has recently been tarred, whilst there were several segments which were still sandy with pebbles and gravel. There is fairly few heavy vehicles on this stretch.

(A) 20150822_114027

My little foldie arriving at Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal

(A) 20150822_115842_Richtone(HDR)

Off we go, foldie… Ganbatte… 🙂

(A) 20150822_120528

The first stretch of the route once you exit the Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal. Some parts of it are newly tarred, which is really comfy to cycle on.

(A) 20150822_122203

The first left junction. Once you see this signage, its time to turn left. You won’t miss it cos’ there’s no other route. The straight road (old route) is being blocked and manned by a security who will chase you off should you try to trespass and get through from there.

Segment B

After a left turn from Segment A, I entered into Segment B.

Segment B has been nicely tarred and there is a generous road shoulder for cyclists like us. This segment has lots of bends and a lady that I was chatting with at the ferry terminal, mentioned that there are 17 bends on this route. I’m not sure how true as I lost count halfway into the route. Haahaa… 🙂 There are actually few heavy vehicles on this route as there is another dedicated lane for heavy vehicles on the right side of the road. Throughout this entire 14km, I only managed to catch one hut that one could seek shelter in, should I run into a heavy downpour or storm.

(B) 20150822_122341

The first stretch of road once you turn left from Segment A.

(B) 20150822_123516

It is relatively quite an easy stretch to cycle on, with a generous road shoulder and minimal heavy vehicles. However, there is virtually little / no shade throughout this entire 14km stretch.

(B) 20150822_130226

Apart from this small hut quite a distance away from the main road, I did not see any other ‘shelter stops’. Could be quite dangerous if one runs into a thunderstorm or downpour whilst cycling on this route.

(B) 20150822_132525

In Segment B, huge heavy vehicles has a dedicated lane on the right to travel on. Hence, there are few / minimal heavy vehicles on this stretch.

(B) 20150822_133454

Segment B is rather easy with few heavy vehicles. However, once you get to this junction where lots of these heavy vehicles merged into the road that you will be travelling on, Segment C becomes a little more challenging.

Segment C

Once these heavy vehicles started to merge into my route, I came to an “expressway segment”. Although this was only a 2 km stretch, it was pretty challenging as there was virtually no more road shoulder for me to cruise on and heavy vehicles were just whizzing past me at high speeds. There was no way I could stop, as there was also no ‘space’ for me to stop at. I had no choice but to pedal non-stop through this entire segment with a short climb on this route.

(C) 20150822_134800

Only had time / space to stop to take one pic on this segment of the road. Road shoulder was very narrow with a curb by the side. Could hardly cycle within the road shoulder and heavy vehicles were just whizzing past.

(C) 20150822_134952

Turn left for Kota Tinggi or turn right if you intend to head to Sungai Rengit.

Segment D

After I struggled up Segment C (non-stop), how glad was I when I reached the end of it. At the end of Segment C, there is a signage here, indicating a right turn to Sungai Rengit or a left turn to Kota Tinggi. I did a right turn here and headed to Sungai Rengit. There is a bit more civilisation here with petrol stations, shop houses etc. Traffic is heavier here, but there is a small road shoulder at the side. However, do note that this route has quite a number of potholes and do keep your eyes peeled on the grounds and on the front for this 5km stretch.

(D) 20150822_140701

Lots of gravel and sand on this segment. And quite a few potholes on this side of the road too.

Segment E

At the end of Segment D, I arrived at this junction. A right turn brings me into Sungai Rengit town and a left turn brings me to the Kuan Yin temple, towards Desaru / Tanjung Balau via the coastal route. However, I have not gone on this route for quite a while and I’m not sure if there are any latest developments on this coastal route to Desaru / Tanjung Balau.

(E) 20150822_142724

At the end of Segment D, you will come to this huge junction, which is at the mouth of the town. Turn right to get into Sungai Rengit or left to go towards Desaru / Tanjung Balau via the coastal route.

(E) 20150822_185640_Richtone(HDR)

As it is, I made a right turn into Sungai Rengit town. This is the last leg and you should reach the town in less than 1km or no more than 5 minutes once you see this signage.

Staying for the Night 

I checked into Hiap Hwa Hotel for my 2d 1n stay. They were not exactly the cheapest, but they were the only ones that I could book on-line beforehand. Most of the other hotels do not take bookings and in recent times, most hotels are fully booked for the weekends. If you are keen to stay for the night, I would strongly advise that you make a hotel reservation prior.


Foldie finally arrives at Sungai Rengit after a 25km struggle… Good job, foldie… : D

Lunch at Super Lobster

Despite that I was on my own, that didn’t stop me from having my lobster fix. I got to Super Lobster and ordered a Butter Lobster. OMG…..!! The Butter Lobsters really did make my 18km (from home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal) + 25km (from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Rengit) totally worth the ride. The Butter ‘flakes’ at the top were so soft and sweet which totally melted in my mouth! The flesh of the lobster was so juicy and tender…. Woooo…. Totally heaven…


Super Lobster’s Butter Lobster. The Butter ‘flakes’ at the top were so soft and sweet which totally melted in my mouth! The flesh of the lobster was so juicy and tender…. Woooo…. Totally heaven… Made my 18km (from home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal) + 25km (from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Rengit) totally worth it… 🙂


Nothing left… And just to remind you, I was there on my own and gobbled up this entire dish myself…!!


Facade of Super Lobster Restaurant which faces the sea


Segment E

It was pretty much the same route which I came from. From Sungai Rengit town, I cycled towards the Kuan Yin temple. Just slightly before the Kuan Yin temple, there is a huge juncture to turn left into.

Back 1 (E) 20150823_115233

Turn left at this junction to head back to Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal or go straight to get to Desaru / Tanjung Balau via the coastal route.

Segment D

On this side of the road, there are less potholes and there is a narrow road shoulder for one to cycle on. There is also a long climb up a gradual slope before hitting the juncture to turn left again.

Back 2 (D) 20150823_115504

In this D segment, the opposite direction (going towards Sungai Rengit) was challenging with potholes. At this direction (going towards Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal), there are less potholes and cycling was slightly easier as compared to the opposite direction, except for …. … (see next pic)

Back 2 (D) 20150823_120809

this long upslope. Can be a bit tedious… but still manageable.

Back 2 (D) 20150823_121648

At the end of the upslope, turn left at the junction to go back to Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal or go straight to get to Kota Tinggi via the highway.

Segment C

As compared to Segment C from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Rengit, the returning was much easier as there was a proper road shoulder as well as a long downslope to gain speed.

Back 3 (C) 20150823_122102

In Segment C (going towards Sungai Rengit town), the road shoulder was narrow and challenging. However in the opposite direction, it is very much easier with a wider road shoulder and long downslope.

Segment B

Segment B is the longest segment as compared to all the other segments, but I would say it was relatively easy and flat grounds throughout this segment, except for lots of bends to cover.

Back 4 (B) 20150823_124515

Segment B is the longest stretch at 14km, but it is rather manageable except that there’s virtually no shelter at all.

Back 4 (B) 20150823_130501

No shelters at all. Rain or Shine…. It gonna be just you and your bike…

Back 4 (B) 20150823_132439_Richtone(HDR)

Think this nice piece of green field would be gone in less than a week too….

Back 4 (B) 20150823_133502

The amount of construction is really massive and the scale was much much much bigger than I could imagine.

Back 4 (B) 20150823_134342

If you see coconut trees, breathe, breathe, breathe…. Cos you’re almost there. Follow the road and turn right to arrive at Segment A.

Segment A

This is the last segment and one of the more ‘enjoyable segments’ before arriving back at Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal. There is lots of shade from the trees flanking the roads with the nice cool sea breeze from the sea just on your left.

Back 5 (A) 20150823_134540

Once you get onto this stretch, enjoy the cool breeze from the sea and shade from the trees cos’ its only a mere 3km to arrive back at Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal.


Below’s a short summary of the route. Hope you have found this post useful.

New Route Map R1
Route Notes
Additional Tips

  • Stock up on hydration before departing for Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal. Once you start pedaling on the 25km, there are no rest stops or shops for you to purchase any hydration or drinks from. There is a convenience store at Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal which opens from Monday to Sunday, 8am to 6.30pm, with a lunch break from 1pm to 2pm. However, I was there at 2.30pm and they were still not open from their lunch break. Hence, dun bang on their operating hours and go prepared.
  • Slap on adequate sun block, mask up and put on safety goggles to keep out the dust. A sample of Miss Kiasu picture below…. Haahaaa… 🙂
  • Do not attempt to cycle during the rainy / stormy season as there are really little or no shelters for most part of the journey.
  • Watch out for heavy vehicles. Have fun and keep safe.
  • For those of you that are keen to cycle in Sungai Rengit, but ain’t able to get a cab at Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal, you can try calling one of these cab-drivers; Mr Eng Ken Boon Hp# 013-783-4278 or Mr Tan Siew Chang Hp# 013-775-0098. Costs about RM32 for a 30 minutes cab ride from the ferry terminal to Sungai Rengit town, My friend who was there recently in late July, waited for more than an hour in a futile attempt to get a cab. Ultimately, they were pretty lucky to hitch a ride into town.

Damn Kiasu… Muahahhahaaa…. : D


Foldie goes Tinggi

Date of Trip : 3 to 7 April 2015, Good Friday to Tuesday


Tanjung Balau; Pelangi Balau Resort; RM 160 per night
Kota Tinggi; Heritage Hotel; RM 120 per night x 2 nights
Johor Bahru; Gateway Hotel; RM100 per night

Since getting my little foldie some months back, he has became my best friend. I have been ‘dating’ him often and exploring new terrains with him. Our favorite location is Punggol beach, which is a mere 6km away from home. We have also visited the last kampung at Buangkok, The Animal Resort at Seletar Farmway, an under-redevelopment Coney Island, Lor Halus, BrightHill Evergreen Home at Punggol (where I used to volunteer), Seletar Mall to meet up my friends for breakfast etc. He has also gone Mac Ritchie reservoir, Seletar reservoir and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall with his 26″ good friend. All of these little outings were within close proximity to home and confined to our little red dot.


Clockwise from top left: Punggol Beachfront near Marina Country Club, last kampung on mainland Singapore at Lorong Buangkok, The Animal Resort at Seletar West Farmway 5, the path leading to Coney Island.

On 3 April 2015, Good Friday, he broke all grounds and ventured out of Singapore to Kota Tinggi. It was of no mean feat covering that amount of distance on his 20″ wheels, but he did it and I’m so proud of him. I pedaled and pedaled, with the remaining half of my life left, but he didn’t give up and continued to persevere as much as I did. This blog post entails a photo journey of the adventures that we’ve had.

Report Card
Day 1: 3 April 2015, Good Friday
Home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal : 18km (1hr 20mins) Denoted as white line (1) in map below.
Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit : 18km (1hr 20mins) Denoted as yellow line (2) in map below.
Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau : 37km (4hr 45mins) Denoted as pink line (3) in map below.
(fyi: Sungai Renggit to Desaru : 31km. Additional 6km from Desaru round-about to Tanjung Balau)


I’ve got the power! Getting started on my 18km pedal from Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal to Sungai Renggit town (18km).


No worries, I jes need to follow that yellow highlighter cap in front. Haahaa… 🙂


It is getting increasingly difficult to cycle from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit with so many of these huge heavy vehicles crossing in our paths.


These huge heavy vehicles brought with them mud, sand and gravel and some were spilled out during the transportation process. The roads became sandy and muddy, and hence, increasing the level of difficulty in cycling.

After an 18km from home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (1) and another 18km from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit (2), my knees were screaming with pain. By the time I needed to cover the 37km from Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau (3), I was already half-dead. With the countless upslopes and long flat grounds, I struggled with all my might and many times, I had to get off to push the bike cos’ I was so flat out.


Slightly out of Sungai Renggit town, we would pass by this site with red soil. It never fails to bring a wow especially so, when placed against a beautiful blue sky. It feels like Ayers Rock had moved to Pengerang!


My cycling mate bumped into some of his blog readers whilst we were on our way from Sungai Renggit town to Tanjung Balau.


Its still a long long journey ahead for foldie … … … …

My cycling mate and I had arranged to meet at Pelangi Balau Resort or Chalet Nelayan Tanjung Balau or Desaru Damai Beach. The latter was a 6km away from the first two and I was praying hard to catch him there cos’ otherwise, I would have to cycle an additional 6km back to Desaru to locate him. At the back of my mind, I was secretly planning my contingencies such as hitching a ride! Haahaa… : O


Ahhh… I’ve reached the Desaru round-about. Once I’ve arrived here, I knew we were only 6km away from Tanjung Balau. Comeon, foldie, you can do it… Ganbatte…!! I was praying hard and keeping my fingers crossed that he would be at either Pelangi Balau Resort or Chalet Nelayan Tanjung Balau. Cos otherwise, I would have ‘wasted’ cycling 6km to Tanjung Balau and then having to cycle another 6km back to Desaru to meet him. I was so so so dead tired with fatigue that every single pedal counts.


Thankfully, I found him at Pelangi Balau Resort and by the end of Day 1, I had clocked 73km (18km + 18km + 37km).

Day 2 : 4 April 2015, Saturday
Tanjung Balau to Kota Tinggi : 50km (5hr 25mins) Denoted as blue line (4) in map below.


Ready to set off for Kota Tinggi…?? 50km ahead. Jia You!


Passed by the Desaru Fruit Farm which we came to some years ago. Beautiful memories of that trip came flowing back.


With no shelter ahead, the sky looked like it was about to burst into tears and there were lightning flashing across the sky. OMG, prayed hard and kept my fingers crossed for the lightning to pass quickly and thankfully, our prayers were answered.


wOO… We’ve reached Kota Tinggi…. at long last…!!


Clocked 122km in two days.

Day 3 : 5 April 2015, Sunday
Explored Kota Tinggi town on foot

Day 4 : 6 April 2015, Monday
Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru : 43km (6hrs) Denoted as fuschia pink line (4) in map below.


Setting off for Johor Bahru. Wish us good luck.


Went on the Expressway which was a 40km ride from Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru.


Did 16km. Only 24km more to go… Comeon, comeon, comeon….


Whooppsss… Did you see something on the signage?! No bicycles allowed on the expressway and we were actually criss-crossing in and out of it. Ohh dear… It was so dangerous. We were actually a road hazard not only to ourselves but to the other road users too. Terrible! This might be the first and last time we gonna use this route.


We went through tunnels and look at how fast the vehicles were travelling at! Most of them were travelling at 60km/hr or 80km/hr and I was going at 10km/hr. My gosh…!!


Movistar and I have reached the junction of Woodlands / Johor Bahru. Had wanted to make a dash back to Singapore but decided to stay for the night after we saw flashes of lightning across the sky.


Yes, we’ve reached Johor Bahru city centre. The (pedestrians) customs was just behind me. So near, yet so far…. Haahaa… 🙂


Had clocked 165km in 4 days.

Day 5 : 7 April 2015, Tuesday
Johor Bahru to Woodlands Causeway : 5km (30 mins) Denoted as orange line (6) in map below.
Woodlands to Home : 3km (Cycled to Kranji MRT. Took MRT to Woodlands. Took bus from Woodlands Interchange to Sengkang. Cycled home from Sengkang Interchange.)


Last leg of the trip from Johor Bahru back to Singapore.


This is my first time cycling across Woodlands customs using the dedicated motor vehicles lane. The motorists were going so fast and zooming past me. Seriously, I was kinda worried that I’ll topple over… *Feeling scaredz and worried*


Oh my… I’ve crossed the customs and on my way home from Woodlands. uhOO…


It was the first time I pushed my bike into a train without folding and also a first time folding the bike and bringing it onto a bus!


F I N A L L Y,  F I N A L L Y  reached home …. 174km in total.


foldie route r1

Foldie made it to Tinggi and back 🙂

(1) Home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal : 18km (1hr 20mins)

(2) Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit : 18km (1hr 20mins)

(3) Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau : 37km (4hr 45mins)

(4) Tanjung Balau to Kota Tinggi : 50km (5hr 25mins)

(5) Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru : 43km (6hrs)

(6) Johor Bahru to Woodlands Causeway : 5km (30 mins)

(6) Woodlands to Home : 3km (1 hour via train, bus and cycling)



Adventuring Yogyakarta

As there were quite a number of attractions at Yogyakarta, I decided to split up the blog post and cover the different attractions in this blog post. You can read (part I) Exploring Yogyakarta here.

Attractions Collage

Clockwise from top left: Jomblang Cave, Prambanan Temples, Borobudur Temple, Parangritis Beach

Date of Trip : 12 to 17 February 2015, Thursday to Tuesday

To : AirAsia QZ 659, 12 Feb 2015, Thursday, 11.10am – 12.25pm
Return : AirAsia AK 1791, 17 Feb 2015, Tuesday, 7.25am – 10.25am
Cost of Flight : S$220 per pax, with two way 15kg check-in luggage

5 nights Accommodation at Whiz Hotel : SG$123.46 per pax (twin-share)

You can read my review of this accommodation here.


Borobudur Temple
On the second day of our trip, we chartered a cab (from the same cab driver which brought us from Yogyakarta airport to our hotel) for a day trip to Borobudur Temple. As we intended to shoot the sunrise from Borobudur Temple, we chartered his cab for an 11-hour day trip from 4am to 3pm at IDR 350,000.

By 3.50am, we were standing-by and waiting for him at the hotel’s lobby. We started chatting with the hotel staff and upon learning that we were going to shoot sunrise from Borobudur Temple, he suggested that we visit Punthuk Setumbu lookout point too. With his suggestion, we switched plans and decided to make a trip to Punthuk Setumbu lookout point instead.

We reached Punthuk Setumbu lookout point at about 5.15am and paid an entrance fee of IDR 30,000 per pax (SG$3.20) and a parking fee of IDR 5,000 (SG$0.50).


To our dismay, it was a mountain view with the sun popping out from behind the mountains. We have had tons of mountain sunrise shots with the most recent one from Myanmar just 2 months ago. Disappointed that this wasn’t exactly what we had in mind, we decided to make a dash for Borobudur Temple in a last frail attempt to try and catch a glimpse of the rising sun with the Buddha’s silhouette.


Sunrise from Punthuk Setumbu lookout point. Well, this wasn’t exactly what we have in mind. And instead of spending more time here, we decided to make a dash to Borobudur Temple to try to catch a sunrise with the Buddha’s silhouette.

But alas, we were a tad too late when we got to Borobudur Temple at 6am. The sun had risen.

Nonetheless, we paid the entrance fees of IDR 280,000 and entered the temple.

For those of you that are keen to do a sunrise shoot at Borobudur Temple, you would need to make your way to Manohara Hotel and purchase a Sunrise + Borobudur Entrance Fee ticket costing IDR 380,000. This ticket entitles you to enter the temple before 6am (after 4am).

Guests staying at Manohara Hotel enjoys a discount and pays IDR 230,000 for a Sunrise + Borobudur Entrance Fee. Similarly, this ticket entitles you to enter the temple after 4am and before 6am.

Pricing Structure
Entrance Fee (after 6am) = IDR 280,000
Sunrise (Surcharge from 4am to 6am) + Entrance Fee (Public) = IDR 380,000
Sunrise (Surcharge from 4am to 6am) + Entrance Fee (Manohara Hotel guests) = IDR 230,000


Covering 2,500 square meters, Borobudur Temple is the world’s largest Mahayana Buddhist monument and this five tiered architectural site has been listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. The monument consists of six square platforms topped by three circular platforms and houses 2,672 relief panels and 504 Buddha statues. A main dome located at the centre of the top platform is surrounded by 72 Buddha statues seated within a perforated stupa.


Lots of lots of stupas but only one facing sunrise that is exposed.

With so many Buddha statues, I had imagined it to be a magnificent sight. I walked round and round and round and round… only to find two Buddha statues that were ‘exposed’. One of the Buddha statues faces the sunrise direction and another faces a different direction. Oh well… It wasn’t peak season when we went and could you actually imagine the number of tourists hogging behind this one ‘exposed’ Buddha statue to shoot during peak seasons.


This is one of the ‘exposed Buddha’ whilst the rest of the Buddhas were encased within their respective perforated stupas.

According to one of the guides (as eavesdropped), the best period to visit is from May to July. But the best part of us being here during this off-peak season was that, the site was not swarming with tourists and that we were able to capture some ‘clean shots’ of the temple and of course, enjoy our favorite pasttime of camwhoring too!


A failed standing bow pose… I must practise more liaoz… Haahaa… : D


Don’t ask me what is this Xiao Char Bo doing…. Cos’ I oso dunno… Haahaa…. 🙂


The site has a rich history but we didn’t hire a guide cos we wanted to maximise the time to shoot. But, on second thoughts now, maybe we should have done so.


There were lots of these reliefs and Buddha statues. However, they were not meaningful to us as we did not hire a guide to explain its history.

Hence, after some brief strolls through the temple, we were off to Borobodur Butterfly Park which was a mere 5 minutes drive away.

Borobodur Butterfly Park
The Borobodur Butterfly Park is a very small enclosure that can be viewed ‘at one glance’. There wasn’t much butterflies when we went, and the park seemed to have more floral than butterflies. From our research, they used to charge an entrance fee, but it is now free, possibly in an attempt to push visitorship. With very minimal to shoot, we had a brief stroll through the garden and was out in less than an hour.


One of the few butterflies that I spotted.



Candi Merdut
Before heading for our lunch, we dropped by Candi Merdut temple. It looked pathetically small and with an entrance fee of IDR 3,500 we decided to give it a miss and went for our lunch before calling it a day.


This was it for Candi Merdut. It didn’t look like there was much to see in there and with an entrance of IDR 3,500 we decided to give it a miss.

Sultan Palace (Kraton)
Sultan Palace, also known as the ton, / Karaton or Kraton defines a place where the Queen and King resides. It was a grand complex that was meticulously planned to reflect the Javanese cosmos. Started in 1755, constructions were completed some 35 years later, in 1790.

Today, it is a museum for visitors in the mornings, and a functioning palace in the afternoons, where it is being used for official functions, political meetings and as the royal residence. Do take note that the palace is only open to visitors from 830am to 1230pm, except for Fridays and Saturdays where it closes at 11am. It is closed on all afternoons.

Located in the city centre, we caught a becek (trishaw), costing IDR 20,000 for a 15 minutes ride to the Kraton.


We arrived the palace at about 10am, and paid an entrance fees of IDR 12,500 per pax and IDR 1,000 for camera charges. My travel mate was stopped at the entrance for wearing a sleeveless T-shirt and had to purchase a top from one of the stalls. (Strict dress code applies here; No sleeveless T-shirt for guys. I didn’t seem to see any for ladies though and I was wearing a short sleeve tee-shirt with berms.)



My travel mate wearing his new batik top costing IDR 20,000 (SG$2.10). Dashing right… Heh heh hehh… : D

As we entered the palace, we walked through a pavilion or “Pagelaran” where the Sultan’s ministers and troops used to assemble. Now, this space is being used for musical and theatrical performances on the last Sunday of each month and special occasions such as the Sultan’s birthday. We were pretty lucky that our visit coincided with one of these performances and were treated to a Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet show) although we visited on a Saturday morning. As time was tight, we didn’t sit through the entire performance and started to make our way around the palace.


How lucky of us to arrive just-in-time for this Wayang Kulit (shadow puppet show).

Most of the pavilions or “pendopo” we came across were, largely open air structures, supported by ornately carved pillars. However, many of these very pretty pavilions were out-of-bounds to visitors and it was really such a shame.


Many of the pavilions had these signages and were out-of-bounds to visitors. If so, why do they bother to even open up the palace for visitation in the first place, I wondered….


So much attention given to the pillars.


Love this ‘street lamp’ near the palace entrance.

Housed within the palace were several ‘museums’, bearing different artifacts of Javanese musical instruments, antiques and heirlooms. Most of the descriptions were either in Bahasa Indonesian or badly constructed English. Either way, it was a good guessing game on what the artifact was about or trying to divulge. With minimal English descriptions, it is a no wonder that this place was an ideal location for the second pit stop in The Amazing Race 19. Haahaa… 🙂


The only, ‘very palace-like’ pavilion at the Kraton

Taman Sari / Water Castle
2km to the south of the Sultan palace, lies an open secret. Constructed in 1758, the Taman Sari also known as Taman Sari Water Castle was used as a bathing complex, resting area, workshop, meditation area, defense area and a hiding place.

The Taman Sari consisted of four distinct areas; a bathing complex in the centre, a complex of pavilions and pools in the south, a lake in the east and a large lake with islands and pavilions in the west. However, today, only the central bathing complex remains as many other parts of the complex were destroyed during the British invasion in 1812.


There are two gates leading to the bathing complex. The western gate is known as Gedhong Gapura Hageng and the eastern gate is known as Gedhong Gapura Panggung. Both gates are decorated with ornaments of stylized birds and flowering foliages as seen in above pic.

When I stepped foot at the central bathing complex, I stopped dead in my tracks. Disappointed and disillusioned, the bathing complex’s glorious days … … as it is named… was a thing of its past. It used to be a pool for the royals, but now it just looks like a sad pool for the mozzies. The pool is no longer maintained and the bottom was engulfed by moss and fungi. Ohh well, so much for the awesome pictures that I saw online.


We ventured around the passages and pathways and came across a group of people sitting inside a circular area. Wondering how they got there, we walked around looking for it. And out of the nowhere, we stumbled upon an entrance to the Gumuling Well (Sumur Gumuling), which was a circular structure being used as a mosque in the 1700s.

The entrance led to an underground tunnel and the underground tunnel had a mystery feel to it and it felt like we were going on some Nat Geo exploration when walked down the steps into the dark tunnel. In there, it was cold and empty with some light coming through the arches.


Going on a Nat Geo exploration.


The light coming through the arches made for such awesome ‘feel-yin’ shots.

Reaching the central area of the building was an elevated platform where four staircases meet. And from the platform, there is a staircase that brings one up to the first level. The platform got kind of crowded when everyone tried to get a snapshot on it. Eventually, we didn’t want to wait and left.

We followed some locals and came to a dilapidated one level structure known as the Kenongo building. In the past, the entire area that we were standing on, was known as the Segaran Lake (a man-made lake). This man-made lake was then the main complex of Taman Sari. In the middle of this man-made lake was an island and on that island, was this Kenongo building.


Nothing left of the Kenongo Building except this ruins

Today, the Segaran lake has been drained of its water and the lake bed has been taken over by human settlements. There is nothing left of Kenongo building now, except these ruins.


This area, once an artificial lake, is now filled with human settlements


Saw this really cool-looking peeping hole at the back of the ruins


Climbed up this rock and I felt like I’ve been transported to another world

Jomblang Cave
According to the research, not many tour operators knew how to get to Jomblang Cave and hence to save the hassle, we called up the owner directly (Mr Cahyo Alkantana +62 81111 7010).

The transport picked us up from our accommodation at 730am and it was a 2 hours drive to Jomblang Cave. The last 300m leading to the site was very very very bumpy and it could very well be the bumpiest ride I’ve ever ever sat through. Although it was a mere 15 minutes drive on that bumpy stretch, it felt like forever with your guts spilling out from your throat with every bump.

We arrived the site at about 930am and after some tea and fitting on the rubber boots, we were all set to go on our adventure.


We made new friends!

Sadly for me, they didn’t have any rubber boots of my size, as they were either too small or too big. I didn’t have a choice and had to force my feet into a pair that was two sizes smaller and I finally could comprehend how a bound-feet woman in the Chinese ancient time feels like. It was excruciating! And to top it up, the inside of the rubber boots were wet and muddy from the previous users making it even more nasty.

We got to the edge of the cliff and were hoisted 20 meters down to the bottom of the cave.


See the staff behind me…? That’s where we were being hoisted 20m down the cliff before getting into the cave. Ohh man… I need Superman powers to do this…!

Upon reaching the bottom of the cave, we had to trek through a forest trail before arriving at the mouth of the cave. As we were there during the rainy season, the way down to Jomblang cave was wet, slippery and muddy. There were no hand rails and proper stairs except for a rope stringed through several poles planted gingerly into the soft muddy ground to act as support. We were literally going on all fours, getting down and dirty.


After the descend, we made our way into a tunnel and had to trek over rocks, rocks and more rocks. I had to maneuver my way around carefully as it was dark, wet, muddy, slippery and remember that my rubber boots were ill-fitting too! It was made worse as I did not have a strong enough light to illuminate the path ahead of me and I was honestly using my feet to feel my way around. I’m not too sure if the organisers provided headlamps cos’ I was not given one and had to use my own tiny weenie hand-held torch which didn’t provide much light.

After an arduous 20 minute trek, we finally got to Luweng Grubug, a sinkhole with the stunning “heaven’s light”.

It was a very surreal magical feeling when we saw the 90m light pillar shine through the flowstone in the dark cave.

We climbed onto a calcite rock and basked in the light. The best time to be here is from 10am to 12noon when sunlight shines directly into the hole. We came here hoping to see this ray of light and we were so thankful that it was a bright and sunny day and the light rays coming through were just so strong and majestic. We took shots, lots of it, cos it was just simply amazing and jaw-dropping. Awesome is an understatement.





See the tiny weenie light that I have on my bag? That’s how much light I had in the pitch dark tunnel. Haahaa… : p

Before we knew it, it was time to make our way back up. Awwww….

It has not been an easy caving experience but we loved the authentic experience of going on all fours and getting really dirty rather than the touristy version of well-paved paths and tracks. Despite the many discomforts and high costs, the two hours car ride getting here was totally worth it. It has been our favorite activity on this trip.

Some tips to take note of when going for the caving adventure;
1. Wear clothes that you intend to discard as we got all muddy from the caving and the mud stains were still irremovable after the hotel’s laundry service. Long pants would help prevent any abrasions during the descend as well as provide some additional surface area for wiping the mud off your hands.

2. Bring along a hat / cap or shower cap so that you could put it on before placing the helmet as the helmet reeks of a thousand years perspiration!

3. Wear slip-on foot-wear as you would need to change out into rubber boots cos’ I’m sure you wouldn’t want to stain your clean socks and shoes with mud. (There are shower cubicles where you could wash off the mud though.)

4. Bring along a waterproof camera or house your camera / handphone in a waterproof casing with a lanyard over the neck. The cave is rather wet and it can get quite cumbersome to take the camera in and out from the bag pack.

5. BYOH ~ Bring your own headlamp. I’m not too sure if they provide headlamps cos’ I was not given one. My friend was given a handheld torch whilst the other two guests were given headlamps. I had to use my own tiny weenie handheld torch which was rather weak and didn’t provide much assistance. However, having said that, whatever small amount of light was better than none as it got really really pitch dark at certain segments of the cave. A headlamp would be a better alternative as it frees up both your hands to grab onto the sides if you should need to.

The caving experience costs IDR 450,000 per pax inclusive of a boxed lunch and the transport costs IDR 500,000 per vehicle. Since there were only both of us, we paid IDR 700,000 (SG$73) each. We contemplated on doing so as it wasn’t exactly cheap, but thankfully we decided to go ahead with it as it had been such a phenomenal experience.

Parangritis Beach
Parangritis Beach and Jomblang cave are not too far from one another. My suggestion would be that you speak to the driver that brings you to Jomblang Cave to send you to Parangritis beach after the Jomblang Cave activity ends. I’m not too sure how much additional that will costs as we made the mistake of going back to our hotel at the city centre and then going to Parangritis beach, wasting too much time and incurring higher costs.

map parangritis beach

Parangritis beach is a popular tourist beach located on the southern coast of Java. We were enticed by the mirror reflection on the shallow coastline as seen in many of the promotional pictures and decided to make a trip there. We were so overwhelmed by our caving experience in the earlier part of the day, that it had completely slipped my mind to visit this location right after the caving experience.


Thankfully, we still had beautiful sunshine when we got to Parangritis beach.



This beach is not exactly the best beach for swimming as it is known to have strong rips and currents tormenting it. But comes sunset, the volcanic black sand coupled with the shallow coastline turned the shore into a long glistening stretch of mirror, transforming it into an amazing photo piece. Although we didn’t spend a lot of time on this beach, it was our second favorite attraction on this trip.



Love the beautiful mirror reflection on the beach during sunset

Queen of the South Resort
Our driver suggested we visit “Queen of the South” resort for dinner as it offered a magnificent view of the beach during sunset. True enough, when we got to the “Queen of the South” resort, there was an infinity pool overlooking the sea. I could so imagine myself sipping a cocktail, hanging over the edge of the pool, watching the sun dip into the abyss of the sea. Woww… this is life!


As the restaurant was closed for that day, we did not manage to have dinner here but we were glad that we dropped by albeit such a short time.

Prambanan Temples
As we read that Prambanan Temples and Ratu Boko Temple were nearby and that Ratu Boko was a perfect location for sunset, we decided to run the trip in the afternoon and catch the sunset at Ratu Boko. We started the half day tour at 2pm and bamm… not the best decision afterall.

We got to Prambanan Temples at about 3.30pm and after an hour or so, we were still not done.




Hence, we had to forgo Ratu Boko Temple as the last entry time was 5pm. Since we were unable to catch the sunset at Ratu Boko Temple, we settled for dinner at Boko Resto (a restaurant nearby) so as to catch the Ramayana Ballet performance at 7.30pm.

The restaurant offers a view overlooking the city but the sunset was partially blocked at the angle where we were at. What a shame!


Nothing fantastic about the dinner, but the view on my left was jes awesome for a rough day like this

We ended the dinner at about 7pm and headed to the Ramayana Ballet performance. And to our surprise, there was no performance on the day that we went! Ahhhh…. How could this have happened?! We miss the sunset and now, we miss the Ramayana Ballet performance. Argghhh…. Well… I guess it was my own oversight that we underestimated the time we needed at Prambanan temples and hence missed the sunset and I had also not researched well enough that there was no performance on the day that I went. Do click on this Ramayana Ballet Performance schedule to check for the performances dates before making your trip down, and hopefully you’ll not make the same mistake that I did…!

It had been an interesting and memorable trip and my ‘favoritiest’ activity on this trip was the caving experience as it offered a very unique and astounding adventure. This was followed by the short sunset that we had on Parangritis beach which was really gorgeous and breath-taking. I am not a shopaholic but I cannot hide the fact that I loved the unbelievable prices I had at Malioboro street which really put ‘shop till you drop’ to the test. And of course, not forgetting the unlimited amount of Magnum ice creams that I had… Awwww… how much I missed that since returning home to SG.


A Birthday Sunrise in Bagan, Myanmar

Back in 2011, I took a cab to Changi beach and shot a sunrise on my birthday. Ever since then, I will try to shoot a sunrise on my birthday to remind myself of the blessings I have had, and to rejoice in the days ahead.

In 2012, I flew to Thailand and caught a sunrise on a sunflower field in Lopburi. In 2013, I trained for 6 months and scaled the 4095.2m Mount Kinabalu, risking my dear life to catch a glimpse of the rising sun. Last year in 2014, I battled the cold winds and meandered through the thick, sandy paths in the dark on an e-bike to catch a shot of the rising sun at Bagan, Myanmar. This blog post details of my account back on that wondrous day.

3 Dec 2014, Wednesday

Unlike the previous years where I struggled to get a shot of the rising sun on my own, I had company this time round! My very sweet friend / travel pal / nanny / chauffeur / doctor / financial controller had very kindly agreed to join me on my virgin trip to Myanmar. After some planning and discussions, my birthday sunrise (as I named it) would coincide with one of the days in Bagan instead of my initial plans to catch it from a bedside window on Inle Lake.

We arrived Bagan on 2 Dec 2014, Tuesday, 8pm and rented an e-bike from a stall near our accommodation. By 5am on 3 December morning, we were up and on our way to Thisa Wadi Pagoda for a sunrise shot.

Upon arriving at the pagoda, we had to remove our footwear (Ahhh… please do not remind me how much I hated going around barefooted) and up, we went on the steps. At the top of the pagoda, we set up our tripods and waited, and waited, and waited, out in the cold, dark, windy morning before the break of dawn.

Just as we thought the dawn has broken, the sun rose from behind the hills, blanketed by a shroud of mist. In less than 5 minutes, it went from less than-a-fraction of a yolk to a full, burning egg yolk. It was simply breath-taking, awesome and a lack for better word – Amazing!


Picture shot at 6.11am


Picture shot at 6.13am.

Just as quickly as the sun came, as quickly as it left.

Below’s a wacky poem which I came up with for the morning sunrise. Haahaaa… 🙂

Early early we rose for the dawn,
Off we go on our E-bike with headlights on.
Up and up the sunrays flaunt,
One by one, everyone else is gone.
Two Ah Xiao’s suddenly went ding dong,
For all you know, tomorrow, a fashion star is born…
(“Ah Xiao” is a Singaporean (Hokkien) term meaning loony peeps and “Ding Dong” meaning crazy)

And thereafter, when everyone else was gone, we did what we loved best!

A friend once described both of us as, “Put these two together with cameras and they are like kids in a candy store” and there is no doubt about that! We were shrilling over how and where to pose as if we were really super models. And the best part was that, both of us were neither the most stunning, flawless subjects, but yet, we brought out the best in each other. And that is the best part of having a crazy travel pal.


My Birthday – hence, the dressed up for the ‘fashion-shoot’! Haahaa… : D


Man-Hunt of the Year


This is one of my favorite pics! Simply loved the context of this pic with the high ceiling, lighting and shadow. Shot at Dhamma-Yan-Gyi Temple.

20141203_140314_Richtone(HDR) R1

This is another pic which I loved. The juxtaposition of a small subject in a wide and large space. Converted it to black and white and gave it a dash of colour on my dress. Shot at Dhamma-Yan-Gyi Temple.


My photo pal, travel buddy, stylist, nanny, chauffeur, doctor, financial controller, all rolled in one. What more can I ask for…

Night came and we chanced upon this eatery. Not too long after we sat down, we bumped into Nick (again!) for the third time. We were on the same flight from Inle to Bagan and bumped into him at Thisa Wadi Pagoda during the morning sunrise and then here again at dinner. It was too much of a coincidence. Maybe he was stalking me! Wahahaa… Jes kidding! I wished! 🙂

We invited him to join us for dinner. Upon realising that it was my Birthday, he sang me a Birthday song in Ming Nan language (Taiwanese Hokkien). Awww… How sweet of him.


Bumped into Nick once again (for the third time), and invited him to join us for dinner.

We decided to proceed to a cafe to chill. But as we couldn’t locate a nice and conducive one, we bought some drinks and headed back to our accommodation for some quiet time.

Quietly and sneakingly, Nick had bought a cake (a swissroll) to celebrate my birthday. I was really taken aback and touched as we had barely known each other. Every other year, I would be celebrating my Birthday (actual day) alone. This time round, not only did I have my best friend with me which was already such a bonus, I had such a shweet surprise from a new-found friend too. It was a day that will bring back many beautiful, lovely, memories for a long time to come.


Thank you for the lovely Bday cake, Nick and also a big hug to my bestest friend for the shweet dinner and drinks.







A Newbie to Foldie

In our over-populated little red dot with pigeon housing, I would reckon that a foldie (foldable bike) would be the best bet and hence should be easily available anywhere and everywhere. Or so I thought… Not until when I started looking around for one….

I googled, I researched, I called, I visited bike shops, I asked, I made comparisons, I test-rode (some) of them… Most of the shops I visited only had one or two models of foldies, mainly 14″, 16″ and 20″ wheels.

As I was looking for a foldie that had the flexibility of packing into a train station during off-peak hours, the 20″ wheels was most ideal. As much as I would prefer a 22″ or 24″ wheels, I would most likely encounter higher resistance from the MRT securities. There were also 14″ / 16″ wheels, but I felt that they were a tad too small and would require more oscillations  Hence, below are some of my findings for a 20″ foldie.

Add : 804 North Bridge Road, Singapore 198772
Tel : 6337-3602
Operating Hours : Mon to Sat: 11am to 7pm
Sun / Holiday: 1pm to 5pm
Website : Ban Hin Chan
Number of Foldies : 2
Raleigh Broadway 20 : SG$390
Garcia SLI : SG$750
Remarks : Unable to test-ride on the bike. Raleigh Broadway 20 was in my shortlisted bike list as it fitted my SG$400 budget and the specs were ideal as I wanted wheels that could go on tough terrains. After speaking to quite a number of salespeople, friends and looking up reviews, Raleigh is pretty much an old-school brand popularised in the 90’s. It wasn’t a reknowned brand in the foldie arena. With a weight of 13kg. it was one of the deterrence too.

Add : Blk 465 Crawford Lane, #01-08, Singapore 190465
Tel : 6341-5068
Operating Hours : Mon to Sat: 11am to 8pm
Website : Bike Avenue
Number of Foldies : 4
Dahon Route 6 : SG$550
Dahon Curve D7 : SG$750
Dahon Speed Falco SG$899
Dahon Horize SG$788
Remarks : Bike test allowed outside the shop. Dahon was one of the most popular brands for a foldie, but it was a little above my budget, considering that the cheapest Dahon was a SG$550, excluding accessories, which could come up to quite a bit. (Mine costs SG$175 in total.)

Add : 11 Orchard Road, #B1-37, Dhoby Ghaut Mrt Station, Dhoby Exchange, Singapore 238826
Tel : 9824-9823
Operating Hours : Mon, Tues, Wed & Fri: 1pm to 7.30pm
Sat & Sun: 3pm to 6.30pm
Close on Thurs.
Website : Bike Actually
Number of Foldies : 2
Java TT 7 : SG$448
Java Fit : SG$788
Remarks : Bike test allowed at Dhoby Ghaut Green (the garden above Dhoby Ghaut MRT). The Java TT7 which I test-rode on was quite smooth and the wheels had some traction which was ideal for terrains. The boss, Mr Yeoh was quite a friendly and chatty guy who was most willing to go out his way to help his customers.


Test rode on this Java TT7 bike at Dhoby Ghaut Green. It was smooth and fast. Costs SG$448.

Add : No. 10 Sengkang Square, #01-115 Singapore 544829
Tel : 9710-9017
Operating Hours : Mon to Sun: 10am to 9pm
Website : Bike Zone
Number of Foldies : 2
Java TT 7 : SG$399
WGM Bike : SG$350
Remarks : Both were in my short-listed list as they were within my budget and near to my home. The WGM even came free with pushable wheels and water bottle holder. Had test-rode on the Java TT7 at Bikeactually.sg (Dhoby Ghaut) too. But it was selling at a lower price here at the suburbs.


Test rode on this Java TT7 and I love the titanium metallic coat. Gives such a ‘pro feel’ although I’m nowhere near one… Hahaa…. Costing SG$399, this was certainly on my shortlisted list.


<<Below paragraph dated 4 July 2016:

I had recently gotten a new Red Hot CONTE (20″ foldie) from Bike Zone Connection, Sengkang Square.  Tagged at the same price of SG$399, the specs and the performance of the Conte far surpasses that of Java TT7. Do have a look at the below blog posts if you are keen;  Red with Envy over the RED HOT CONTE & CONTE’s Adventures.>>


Add : Blk 994 Bendemeer Road, #02-01 B Central Building, Singapore 339943
Tel : 9270-4508 / 9105-0700
Operating Hours : Mon to Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat: 12pm to 5pm
Sun & PH: Closed
Website : Bicyclesg.com
Number of Foldies : 1
Vert V8 : SG$398
Remarks : At SG$398, 11 kg, with free bottle cage, bell and saddle pouch, it was definitely a steal. My only concern was that the wheels were not built for traction and may not be suitable for the terrains that I needed to go on.


Test rode on this Vert. Costs SG$398 with a free bottle cage, bell and a saddle pouch, it was definitely worth the price. My only concern was that the wheels were not built for the traction and tough terrains that I’ll be going on.

Add : Blk 465 Crawford Lane #02-12 Singapore 190465
Tel : 9384-0036
Operating Hours : Tues to Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm to 6pm
Website : FazzBike360
Number of Foldies : 1
Remarks : I chanced upon this shop during one of my lunch breaks. Ran by a malay couple, the shop has a glass shelf full of trophies, from the hubby’s winning in a number of cycling competitions. Being a pro cyclist himself, the hubby designed and came up with his own bags, waterproof pouches, T-shirts etc. The designs, material were well thought-out. I think it takes a cyclist to know what a cyclist needs and want. That only goes to show how passionate he was in his hobby and now-career. This is also the only shop that I found a bike bag – SG$45 for a 1m x 1.5m bag (estimated dimensions) to place the bike in or SG$90 for a padded air-freightable bag to place the bike in should one wants to fly the bike over to another country for cycling or competitions.

Add : 986 Upper Serangoon Road, Singapore 534732
Tel : 6289-0176
Operating Hours : Tues to Fri: 12pm to 8pm
Sat & Sun: 12pm to 6pm
Website : Life Cycle
Number of Foldies : 2 / (0) because both were not within my ideal 20″ wheels as both bikes were only 14″ wheels.
Java x1 (14″) : SG$450
Java x1 Auto (14″) : SG$500
Remarks : Since there were only 2 foldies and both bikes were not within my expectations, the salesman seemed disinterested in serving me.

Add : 26 Sin Ming Lane, #01-120 Midview City, Singapore 573971
Tel : 6694-1750
Operating Hours : Mon to Sat: 12pm to 7.30pm
Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays (WEF 18 Oct 2014)
Website : My Bike Shop
Number of Foldies : A good range of foldies! I think this is the only shop that has one of the biggest range of foldies, starting from SG$499 to SG$2000+.
Bickerton Junction 1607 : SG$499
Remarks : If you are looking for a foldie, I would highly recommend that you make a visit to this shop (be it the Jln Mas Puteh outlet or the Sin Ming outlet.) After visiting so many bike shops, I would say they have one of the biggest range of foldies as compared to any other shops.

Their website even has a “Folding Bike Buying Guide‘ which gives us, newbies to foldies a good heads up on how to choose a foldie and what to look for in one. Having said that, I think it also goes to show the commitment level the shop places on foldable bikes.

I test-rode on the cheapest foldie, Bickerton Junction 1607. The leather saddle was very comfortable and the ride was very smooth. I was almost tempted to get it immediately but as it was slightly above my $400 budget, I had to tie up my fingers so that I would not reach for my card and sign it.


Test rode on this Bickerton Junction and I fell in love with the bike – especially the seat. It was so comfy as compared to so many of the bike seats that I’ve ever been on….!! But it was a tad over my budget at SG$590 and it seemed a little too ‘pretty’ to be able to go on the rough terrains with me.

Add : 239 Lavender Street, Singapore 338783
Tel : 6396-6280
Operating Hours : Mon, Wed to Fri: 11am to 7pm
Sat: 11am to 6pm
Close on Tues, Sundays and Public Holidays
Website : Mighty Velo
Number of Foldies : There were a few foldies but they were either on 14″ wheels or they were way too expensive into the thousand range
Java X1-7S-D (14″) : SG$400
Remarks : Although they pride themselves as the folding bike specialist, it was a very small shop along Lavender road without a very comprehensive range of foldies (In My Opinion). Bikes were either on 14″ wheels or they were way too expensive into the thousand range. Since they didn’t have any bikes that I wanted, I didn’t ask for a test-ride. But I do not reckon they have a space for test-riding either.


Didn’t really feel that it was a “Folding Bike Specialist” with the limited range of brands, models and pricings they have (IMO).

Add : 22 Sin Ming Lane, #01-84 Midview City, Singapore 573971
Tel : 6659-0481
Operating Hours : Mon, Wed to Sat: 12pm to 8pm
Tues: 4pm to 8pm
Sun: 12pm to 5pm
Website : Pedal Pro LLP
Number of Foldies : 2
Polygon Urbano 3.0 : SG$490.99
KHS F20-A(China-made Taiwan brand) : SG$553.99
Remarks : If you are going by My Bike Shop at Mid View city, you may want to pop by this shop for an additional comparison, although I did not have a pleasant experience at this shop. As I went around many different bike shops, I wanted to take a picture of the bikes and their prices to facilitate my research. The lady at this shop immediately stretched out her hand and prevented me from getting a picture. I found it very rude and was very unhappy with her obnoxious attitude. I did not see good valid reasons for preventing customers taking a picture as these information were easily available. I was quite keen on a Polygon, as it was quite a highly recommended brand by one of my friends. However, since it was slightly across my SG$400 budget and the sales lady had such an obnoxious attitude, I left in less than 5 minutes.

Add : 600 Ponggol Seventeenth Avenue, Marina Country Club, Singapore 829734
Tel : 6343-5102
Operating Hours : 11am to 8pm
Website : https://www.facebook.com/wheeelers.sg or http://www.wheeelers.com.sg
Number of Foldies : 4
Remarks: It was a shame that I only found out about this shop after I did my bike purchase.

I was cycling to Punggol beach on a bright and beautiful Saturday morning when I chanced upon this shop.From the front, it looked like a bicycle rental. Housed within this facade was a playground for the young and old, the leisure cruisers and the garangs. They have kids bike, mountain bikes, cruise bikes, fixie bikes, families bikes, one-wheel bicycles, two-wheel electric scooters and kids monster go cart. It was a huge 8,000 sq feet premise. My favorite spot here was the air-conditioned glass store-front where they sell bicycle accessories, parts, helmets etc. It wasn’t a very big store, but I ended up making trips after trips to this place, buying waterproof bicycle pouches, sun shades, lubrication oil etc.


A range of parts, accessories, helmets to choose from…

On 31st Dec 2014, I made a trip to Pengerang (once again) and during the bum boat ride back to Singapore, my bicycle suffered splashes of sea water. Upon arriving back at Changi Point ferry terminal, I had my baby cleaned up and didn’t think much about it. Two weeks down the road, when I wanted to pedal off to the beach, I had the biggest shock of my life when I saw how much rust had accumulated on my bicycle chain. Enroute to the beach, I sought out Freddie’s advice (the young, suave boss at Wheeelers) and he provided me with tips on how and where to clean and where to purchase those cleaning equipments. I took his advice, bought the cleaning equipments and cleaned up my bike. However, there were some tiny parts hidden within that I was unable to reach and hence, I decided to cycle back to Wheeelers and checked if he could help me clean and fix it up. Although I didn’t get my bike from him and I wasn’t sure if his shop offers cleaning services, he very kindly helped me take the bike apart and assessed my poor baby’s ‘injuries’.

Woww… it was much worse than he had expected as some of the parts had been corroded due to the long neglect after the sea water sprays. He cleaned up my bike and when I went to pick up my baby, I almost couldn’t believe that it was my bike. It looked almost as good as new and I secretly thought he had swapped it with a new bike cos’ he couldn’t savage it. Wheeelers have since become my baby’s second home, ‘prettying’ it with new accessories every time I swing by. And Freddie, have since become my bike consultant whenever I met with any bike queries.


Wheeelers at Punggol Marina Country Club


Call before going down to the shop so that
(1) you can ensure that the shop is still in existence cos’ I went to a couple and they were no longer there
(2) confirm that they have foldies / a specific brand / bike that you want before making the trip down. If they do not have what you want, you can save yourself the time and costs of getting there.


Item                                            Price      Location Bought
Java TT 7 Bike                            SG$399      Bike Zone, Seng Kang
Headlight                                     SG$50         Bike Zone, Seng Kang
Headlight                                     SG$5            Bike Zone, Seng Kang
Bell                                              SG$5            Bike Zone, Seng Kang
Speedometer                               SG$65          Bike Zone, Seng Kang
Rear Rack                                    SG$38         Bike Zone, Seng Kang
Water Bottle Holder (Clamp)      SG$20        Anchorvale CC
Waterproof pouch                        SG$25        Wheelers, Punggol


I hope the above gives you a little insight into getting a foldie and has helped in your foldie research. Have fun looking for one and I’m sure you’ll be as excited as I am when getting yours.

Disclaimer : Bike Models, Promotions and Prices dated in October 2014.