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The Magical Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor

on November 18, 2017

Since some time last year, lots of friends had been flooding my wall with this very spectacular, mirror reflection in the sea. It brought out the curiosity in me and intrigued my travel bug and feet to make my way there.

Prior to the visit, I didn’t know much of this location except that it was an island or a sea bed near the sea at Kuala Selangor… or so I thought.

The day finally came when my friends and I took an overnight Sri Maju coach from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then got an Uber from Kuala Lumpur to Kuala Selangor old town which was an hour’s journey away. The fare came up to RM70 and the toll fees were RM2.50 x 3 tolls. However, we were being charged a total of RM85, probably for the two-way toll fees lest he couldn’t get any customers on his return trip back to KL.

01 DSC_1836

Overnight Sri Maju coach which was comfy and spacious with lots of leg space. One of my favorite coach providers.

19 Oct 2017, Thursday

We had booked our package from Sky Mirror Tour and Travel and prior to the trip, I made some enquiries via email and the boss replied to my emails personally. Hence, I speculated that it was some small ‘ulu’ company and that the boss had to reply the emails himself. But I was wrong… It came as a surprise to me that it was a rather well-organised, large set-up with proper systems and procedures in place.


Excited and all ready for our Sky Mirror adventure, we waited impatiently for our pickup from Sky Mirror Tour and Travel to send us to their private jetty which was a 5 to 10 minutes drive away from Vi hotel where we were staying.

lee Vee at Vi Hotel. Heh hehh… A very new and clean hotel (started in early 2017) with even a swimming pool. Was largely impressed considering it was a small town without much tourists.

We arrived at their private jetty. It wasn’t a huge place but there was a good amount of seats for the waiting visitors, few but clean washroom and shower facilities, lots of sample pictures from the previous visitors and a small counter for the staffs. They conducted a briefing session before we boarded the boat and off we went for our adventure.

Lots of seats for the waiting visitors, few but clean washroom and shower facilities, lots of sample pictures from the previous visitors and a small counter for the staffs.

It was a 30 minutes bumpy boat ride before we finally arrived…. in the middle of the sea and in the middle of errrmmmm nowhere…

We have arrived. Huhhh…??!! Here…??!!

Our boat guide (Johnny) turned around and told us, “We are here, we can get off the boat now.” We were like…. “Errmmm… Are you sure? We don’t see any ‘ground’ that we could stand on…!” Except for the vast sea that stretches to nowhere, there was nothing in sight.

A boat could take about 20 paxs => 18 customers + 1 boat guide + 1 boatman

Can get off the boat…??!!

He took the lead and got off the boat. Seeing him stand on some ‘solid ground’, we got off the boat too. There was indeed a piece of flat land that we could stand on!

Ohhh… Really can stand….??!!

We had arrived at “Sky Mirror”! Facebook posts and Wikipedia have dubbed it as the Salar de Uyuni of Malaysia, ‘mystery’ or ‘secret island’ as like the Salar lake in Bolivia.

This picture on the left was taken when we first got off the boat. The water was about mid-calf. About 15 minutes later, the water subsided until it only covered our feet!


It was a very phenomenal experience. On beautiful days, the sky and sea would merge as one, combined with the shallow waters, creating awesome reflections for the visitors.

We were only given one hour at this location, because, if not, the tide will start to rise again and we would not be able to get out in time as once it rose to (full) high tide, it was a normal sea route for the massive container ships!

During the one hour, we had such a blast posing, jumping, running around, cam-whoring. Omg… one hour where got enough…??!! But seriously, we were totally shacked out after that one hour. Wahahhahaa….. : p

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We were quite thankful to the staffs at Sky Mirror Tour and Travel that went around helping to take pics for their customers, suggesting quirky and funny poses and yet at the same time ensuring that our safety was not compromised.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

This ‘island’ could be visited up to about 20 days in a month, with its best visiting dates being the 1st and 15th of the lunar month, as well as 4 days before or after these dates. These dates have the most ideal tide levels and timings for visit as the rest of the ideal tide levels may not coincide with the ideal tide timings, meaning ideal tide level could be at midnight etc.


21 Oct 2017, Saturday

Taking into consideration that we will be traveling so far to Kuala Selangor to catch the Sky Mirror, we had decided to book for two days lest we couldn’t get the awesome pics on the first day due to bad weather etc.

So, here we were… off to our second Sky Mirror trip on Saturday.

So excited for our second Sky Mirror trip !

We had requested for Johnny to be our boat guide once again as we had gotten very comfortable and happy with his cheery smile, jokes and laughter.

Such a sunshine guy with his pearly white teeth and cheery smile : )

Yayyy…. We have finally arrived and time for another one hour of crazy fun… Yeahhoooo…. ; p

Can’t wait… : p

This time round, we bought and brought more props for our cam-whoring session…

bubble gun to create the magical effect

buckets to create the water trail effects… but… gua gua gua… #failed…. Wahahahhaa…..

and nice dresses to lup over and take nice nice peektures!

So pretty…!! The reflection I mean…. Heh heh hehh… : D





This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Sky Mirror is also home to a multitude of marine life such as sea clams, baby clams, bamboo clams, sea anemones, shore crabs, red crabs, soldier crabs, sea snails, and a variety of shells scattered abundantly in the sand. If one observes closely, you could see them glitter like diamonds under the sun.


Some tips for friends who would like to visit this magical destination;

  • I would suggest that you drive or rent a vehicle to get to Kuala Selangor. Once we got into Kuala Selangor town, it was pretty difficult for us to get around, as there were no public taxis or buses running on the streets. Getting an Uber or a Grab was equally as difficult.


  • Having a clear blue sky is certainly a blessing. The sunnier it is, the prettier your pictures would turn out. Hence, do go prepared with tons of sunblock, otherwise, you may look as charcoal as me when you get back.


  • As there is nowhere (no chairs, no tables as you are in the middle of the sea) to place your belongings at Sky Mirror, a waterproof bag would come in very handy to place your belongings in them before placing them on the wet ground.


  • Props such as colourful brolly and signages are provided, but nothing should stop you from preparing your own props to add to that extra fun! For those that are keen to maximise their mileage, you may even want to research on some of the poses you could do, and “practice” them beforehand as you only have one hour at this location.


  • Visitors are highly encouraged to go in bright colourful apparels and if you are going with a group of friends, you may even want to co-ordinate your colors so that you will not end up with 4 of you wearing the same red top : (


  • When shooting at the Sky Mirror, you would need to go low, as low as you can to get the best reflection. It would even be better if you could lie flat on your tummy to shoot! Hahaa… Remember to get spots with puddles of still water so as not to mar the reflection.

Blog Post1

  • To help you out a little, you may want to get a brick-like platform about 3cm to 5cm height that is strong, sturdy (will not float away), and broad enough to hold your camera to get that solo / couple / group shot lest you are not able to find someone to help you cos’ everyone is so busy cam-whoring, no one would have time to help you, except for the staffs, but they are also busy moving around all the time too!


  • Its quite a bumpy 30 minutes boat ride each way. For those that are prone to sea sickness, you might want to consider getting your sea sickness medications ready.


  • For any friends that are keen to visit, I would highly suggest that you pre-book your package with Sky Mirror Tour and Travel. (I am not paid or reimbursed to endorse them, but I’m recommending based on my experience vs my friend’s experience comparing this visit with the previous one that he went with.)


Sky Mirror Tour and Travel

Being the first to launch these sky mirror tours, they have abundance of experience under their belt in terms of the tide timings (extremely important!), logistical control, safety precautions, experienced boatman and boat guides.

If we were to arrive at the Sky Mirror too early, we would have to wait longer for the tide to subside. If we were to arrive too late, we would have wasted the remaining 1 hour available. I believe they might have despatch a staff to the site every morning to ensure the best and most appropriate timing before sending the visitors on their way, so that visitors like us will be able to maximise our time at the Sky Mirror and yet not having to wait too long onboard for the tide to subside.

On our return trip, the sea got very choppy and experience from the boatman was put to the test. If he goes too slow, the boat would tip over and capsize. If he goes too fast, the boat will crush the waves and capsize too. Hence, we witnessed first-hand how important it was to have an experienced boatman sending us to and fro, and to think how much we have belittled his role, and worse of all, with little appreciation for the hardwork that he has put in, into ensuring our safety.


How much we have belittled his powers of battling through the crazy choppy waves every single day to ensure our safety!

Previously, my friend engaged the services of another company (X) and they were stuck on the boat on their return trip as that company had miscalculated the tide timing and the tide was too low for the boat to dock. They had to park near an island and waited 3 hours in the rocking boat, for the tide to rise before their boat could get back into the jetty. Pity those that have sea sickness.


Sky Mirror Tours have also managed to secure a land to build their own pier so as to facilitate logistical control. Personally, I think it was cleaner and more efficient in terms of logistical management as we didn’t have to wait for throngs of people before it got to our turn.

Sky Mirror Tour and Travel Private Jetty (Image from Sky Mirror Tour and Travel Facebook Page)

Apart from the above, the company also includes insurance coverage for its passengers. Should something happens…. choiiii… at least there was some form of protection. #jes saying


  • Last of all, you need to bring your craziest, fun and adventurous spirit with you so as to immerse yourself and make the most out of it.

4 responses to “The Magical Sky Mirror, Kuala Selangor

  1. John Wong Hock Weng 黄福荣 says:

    Well written essay.

  2. Adrian says:

    Never heard of this place before- great find! Thanks for showing us, and telling us the details! You sure went out of your way to take so many fun poses!

    ps: is the guy holding the umbrella your boyfriend? 😉

  3. Adrian says:

    Such a pity you don’t update anymore. Your blogs are so delightful and informative!

    • xia says:

      Hi Adrian,
      Thank you for popping by and reading! Work has been crazy but I’ll try to write again when i have some time. Once again, thank you for your support. Your support has certainly ignited my flame to write again…!! 🤗

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