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BBB in Bali

on April 10, 2017

As like every other year, I would attempt to do a sunrise on my birthday; i.e. Sunrise on a sunflower field in Thailand, Trekking up Mt Kinabalu or a Cold chilly sunrise at Bagan, Myanmar.

For 2016, I thought I should take a break and go on a yoga retreat instead. And so I went ahead to book my air tics and yoga retreat package at Bali.

Alas, 3 weeks before my trip, I had a nasty fall and broke my left elbow and fractured my right thumb during a night cycling. As I had paid for the deposit at the yoga retreat centre, I managed to cancel the yoga retreat package and had it converted into a two nights accommodation.

BBB in Bali

Had a nasty fall three weeks before my yoga retreat and had to cancel it.

Fast forward to 1 Dec, I flew over to Bali and made my way to the yoga retreat centre.


Arrives in Bali and wowww…. was really an impressive airport.

2 Dec 2016, Friday

After staying 2 days at the yoga retreat centre in Canggu (Serenity Eco Guest House). I had to make my way to Kuta.


Had a two-days stay here. Love it for its rustic-ness and the variety of yoga classes. But as the premise was really huge, many of the spots were not well-kept and at times, dusty. I had not sneezed so much in a long time.

As I was wandering along the streets outside the resort, I chanced upon a “motor-taxi” and after some negotiations, we agreed at IDR 50,000 from Canggu to Kuta, which was about an hour’s ride away. I thought I had gotten a good deal, but bammm….

After boarding the bike, he started talking. Being the chatty and talkative me, I started replying too, thinking that he was just being friendly and letting my defences down.

Below’s a transcript of our conversation. Thinking back, I think it was both scary and funny… Wahahaa…

Babbling Bike Boy (BBB)

BBB: Are you here on this trip alone?

Me: Yaa.

BBB: Your boyfriend never come?

Me: Ohh… He’s busy.

BBB: So, do you have sex with your boyfriend everyday?

Me: (Hmmm… what kind of question is this and what business is it of his!?) Hmmm…. Yaa…

BBB: So, is he good in bed? And he began to rock the bike!

Me: (Huhh…??!! Omg….) Ohh… yaaa….

BBB: I have a Big, Black Banana. Do you want to try?

Me: Errrmm, No… Thank you.

Me: (Omg… where is he going? Will he send me to my destination? Shall I jump off the bike and get another transport? I do not even know where am I and how easy was it to get another transport if I got off his bike. Thoughts ran amok in my head but I was quite surprised at how calm I was.)

20161202_124252_Richtone(HDR) w bananas

Babbling Bike Boy with his Big Black Banana (BBB : X )


Behind this smile was a thumping heart and an amok brain… Should I jump off the bike and run or should I continue with the journey on his bike? OMG… what have I gotten myself into?

He kept going on and on, telling me how good he was in bed. I just kept quiet and prayed hard that I’ll reach my destination soon. Thankfully, I arrived at my destination, for what seems like an eternity.

3 Dec 2016, Saturday

Since I could no longer do the yoga retreat, one of my friends suggested I catch a sunrise at Sanur Beach near Kuta for my birthday.

On 3 Dec morning, I dragged myself out of the bed at 4.30am and decided to catch a (proper) cab to the beach after my ordeal with the motor taxi the day prior.

It was 5am and pitch dark when I got into the cab. The cab driver started talking and asked why am I going to the beach at 5am in the morning. I told him I was there to catch a sunrise.

CD : “Are you here on this trip alone?”

Me : (Instinctively, I knew something was not right because I was asked the exact same question by the BBB (Babbling Bike Boy) the day prior.) “No, I’m here with my boyfriend.”

CD : “Ohh, so, where is he?”

Me : “He’s in the hotel room.”

CD : “I see. Now, its only 5am. You can reach the beach by 5.30am. It’s too early. Why don’t we sit by the beach and kiss?” (He suggested.)

Me : “Ohh noo…. I’m busy.” (Garnering my experience from the previous encounter.) “I’m a travel reporter and I’m here for work. I need to find a framing for the sunrise, take notes etc. I need to document my entire sunrise experience, including this cab ride.”

CD : Suddenly, he knew he was in danger of being “exposed’ to the media. And he laughed. “Ohh… maybe you would write about this cheeky taxi-driver too?”. Ohh yes… you bet. And there, you are… Hahahaa… (Unfortunately it was too dark and I didn’t manage to catch any picture of him.)

Not long after, he called one of his friends to take over the job of sending me to the beach and gave excuses that he had just received another job. Holy crap… But, well, so much for the perils of a single female traveller.

Anyways, I got to the beach and back, safe and sound ~ pheww! And I caught this beautiful sunrise on my 40th birthday. Thank you, God, for the love and protection and for giving me yet another beautiful sunrise.


Thank you God for the beautiful sunrise!


Love the smell of a sunrise, though its a tug-of-war with the bed.


The serenity of a sunrise beats anything else.

20161203_055737_Richtone(HDR) R1 small

Happy 40th Birthday, my dear friend. May there be many more sunrises to come, and may there be someone dear for me to watch the sunrise with… : )


Yup… Its a beautiful day and let’s cherish every single day that we have…. be it Birthday or not…


8 responses to “BBB in Bali

  1. Adrian says:


    Nice to see you back on this blog! Happy 40th birthday! (You look mid 20’s).

    Sorry to hear about those men being rude and being stupid enough to even think they had a chance with any normal decent female. Sadly it’s quite common, especially if the female is small, pretty and alone. I mean, flirting with a single girl is one thing, but such sexually suggestive behaviour is just wrong.

    Anyhoo, hope your upper limbs are recovered and you are back cycling again!



    • xia says:

      Hi Adrian ;

      Thank you for checking back on this blog.

      Yaa… I haven’t really been updating it for quite a while due to the injuries and then terrible work schedule.

      Nice to receive such a sweet compliment to end off the first hectic working day of the week. Heh heh heh.. : D

      It had been quite a traumatic experience at Bali but I guess, I’ll just have to be more wary and alert when I travel on my own in future.

      My limbs have pretty much recovered and I’m back to slow, leisure cycling in the day. Won’t be able to do much night cycling henceforth… : (

      Thank you for dropping by.


  2. Vince says:

    Hey Xia, happy (very) belated birthday! Your injuries look horrid omg! Although I must say you are a very very brave girl to be travelling alone to such places!

    And hey, you look very good to be 40?? Damn must call you dajie already cos I’m just 35.. haha!

    Let us know when you are ready for your first ride, me and my gf might be able to join you!


    • xia says:

      Hi Vince,

      Haahaa…. Thank you for the compliment. That really makes my day : D

      I’m already back on my bike, but just that I can’t go too far and too fast now. Thank you for the love and concern. Hope to catch you and your gf around soon.

      Wishing you a lovely long weekend ahead.

      • Vince says:

        Glad to see you are back on your bike, do take it slow ya!

        You might be interested to join one of LovecyclingSG’s Sunday ride one day? They do leisure rides on most Sunday mornings but do check out their FB group to see where they are going next. I seldom join them now but I started riding in LCSG and have not stopped since. They are doing very awesome stuff. 🙂

        Oh, if you do, bring your kakis and friends too!

        Hope to catch you on your bike soon as well!

        (Disclaimer: Not advertising for LCSG, cos no commission one.. 😛 lol..)

      • xia says:

        Thanks Vince. Saw their FB. Looks awesome!

  3. Sandra Chan says:

    I chanced upon your blog. Great blog! Will be following you, and happy belated birthday!

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