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S̄wạs̄dī xīk khrậng Krabi ~ Hello Again, Krabi (Day 2 : 10 Jan 2014) ~ Phi Phi Island Hopping

on February 17, 2014

10 January 2014, Friday

Activity : Phi-Phi Islands Hopping (Day Trip)
Cost : THB 950
Islands Visited : Bamboo Island, Lohsamah Bay (snorkelling), Hin Klang (snorkelling), Phi Phi Don Island (Lunch), Viking Cave, Pileh Bay, Monkey Bay, Maya Bay (‘The Beach’ filming location)
After an insane Day 1, this has been the day that I have been looking forward to since I confirmed the trip.
2 years back, my sis and I had signed up for a Phi Phi island-hopping session, but it didn’t materialize as it stormed heavily back then (in May, during the monsoon season).This time round, I was really excited and praying hard for gorgeous weather to bring us through. The Phi Phi islands day trip was one of the main reasons why I decided to visit Krabi once again.


Phi Phi Island Hopping

Phi Phi islands is made up of 6 islands. Located between Phuket and the western Straits of Malacca coast of the mainland, Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest and most populated island in the group. The other 5 islands in the group include Ko Phi Phi Lee, Ko Bida Nok, Ko Bida Noi, Koh Yung and Ko Mai Phai (Bamboo Island).

The islands became a hit overnight after Koh Phi Phi Lee (Maya Bay) was used as a backdrop in the year 2000 block buster, ‘The Beach’, starring Leonardo Dicaprio. The island is surrounded by sheer cliffs plunging into the ocean and a sea lake between the cliffs allowing water to enter. The stunt escalated tourism at a tremendous rate with hotels and businesses springing up overnight.

Phi Phi Island Hopping Package

There were tons and tons of travel agencies offering the Phi Phi islands packages. They ranged from THB 1000 to THB 1300 and offered pretty much the same; insurance, size of boat, lunch etc. What actually set them apart was the sincerity and disposition of the ‘seller’. Some were more cheerful than others, whilst some were more adamant. Basically, we ‘bought’ from any of them that came across as sincere and genuine.

Phi Phi Island Hopping, Here we come! Woohooooo… 🙂

The tour agency picked us up at 8.30am in the morning in a huge 40 seater bus. The bus was almost full when we got on board. We took up the last few seats and those that came up after us had to stand. Thankfully, it wasn’t too far a journey.

We were brought to a ‘holding area’ by the beach and separated into respective boats.

We arrived at the first island; Bamboo island at 10am and had 40 minutes here.

Despite that this was my third beach adventure in three consecutive months (Putri & Sepa Island in Nov 2013, Sapi Island in Dec 2013, Phi Phi Island in Jan 2014), I was mesmerized by the clear green waters and stunning blue skies.

We wasted no time in cam-whoring!

It was just too gorgeous NOT to.

We had a dip in the waters and before we knew it, it was time for us to hop off to the next location.

What a shame… I wished we had more time.


One my favorite pics by far… : )


Bamboo Island Camwhoring Collage R1

Quick… Cam-whoring time. The pic on the left is hilarious where we posed as Teenage magazine cover models cos our apparels were of similar colours. I bought the rainbow dress the previous night without realising what my cam-whoring buddy was about to wear ! We had tons of fun and went all crazy… Hahahahhaa… : D

Next up were snorkelling sessions at Lohsamah Bay and Hin Klang.

May and I don on the life jackets before plunging into the waters.

This was the first time I went ‘unguided’ (after a horrible, unpleasant guided snorkelling session in Sapi Island, Kota Kinabalu.)

The life jacket was a saver since I wasn’t very much of a strong swimmer.


“Kia-Si” – Better to don on the life jackets since I was not a very strong swimmer…. : p

Initially, I swam around the boat as I was too ‘kia-si’ (afraid of death) to venture too far off.

Darren came by and pulled me to one of the sites to have a look at the blue corals etc.

The underwater world was simply breath-taking. I have never seen such colours under the sea. It was such a shame that I did not have any underwater camera gears with me.

I was extremely thankful that he brought me to those sites, because if not, I would most probably not have been able to witness such spectrums.

2014-01-10 11.37.11 R1

Darren used all his might to pull me to those awesome sites… A Big Thank You to him for opening my eyes to the beautiful underwater world.

After the two snorkelling workouts, we were more than famished.

Thankfully, it was time for lunch at Phi Phi Don Island.

It was a buffet line with rice, vegetables, soup and chicken wings (limited to 2 pieces per person!). Not that I was being petty, but for the amount that we paid for our island hopping package, how much more could a few chicken wings costs?! Every other warmer was replenished constantly except for the chicken wings warmer… : X

IMG_4545 R1

Famished… Food…!!

After filling up our tummies, we strolled around the island.

There really was nothing much on this island apart from a small souvenir shop and the cafeteria that served us lunch.

We hopped onto the boat and off we continued on the island hopping.


Thankfully the ropes didn’t give way… Phew… : D

We visited Viking Cave, Pileh Bay and Monkey Beach.Viking Cave is easily identified by the wooden structures at the entrance. The cave houses indefinite amount of bird’s nests. Due to the low structures, we could only watch from afar.

We did not even knew we had arrived at Piley Bay because Piley Bay was a seabed lavished with corals under our boat as we drove by.

We went past Monkey Beach very briskly.

IMG_4581 R1

Viking Cave housed with Bird’s Nests

The last island that we hopped off was Maya Bay where ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed.It was a very small beach overcrowded with boats, tourists and swimmers.

It  has a very narrow shore-line but the sand on the shore was so soft, fine and powdery when we tread on it. It reminded me of the sand on Cottesloe Beach in Perth. It has been a long time since my toes savored on such fine sand.


The infamous Maya Bay where ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo Dicaprio was filmed.

After getting some shots and visiting the bathroom, that was all the time we had at this last stop. It was the end of the island hopping.

What a shame… I felt that it was way too short. We didn’t have enough of cam-whoring, dipping into the waters not to even mention exploring the islands.

My favorite stops were Bamboo Island where we did most of our cam-whoring, the snorkelling spots which Darren brought me to and Maya Bay for the amazing sand.


Last pit stop = Maya Bay. Ohhh… The island hopping was way too short… : O



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    • xia says:

      Thanks Zulu. I was traveling in Washington some years back. My only memories of that place was that it was such a gorgeous place; awesome weather with great and friendly peeps everywhere. Thanks for the link to your site. I love how you put things into perspective 🙂

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