Xia's Journey

Christmas Sleigh to Tanjung Balau

on December 31, 2013

Date of Trip                 :           21 Dec 2013, Saturday to 23 Dec 2013, Monday.


1 night Accommodation at Pelangi Balau Resort (Tanjung Balau)    :    RM 160 twin-share

1 night Accommodation at Hiap Hwa Hotel (Sungai Renggit)             :    RM 68 twin-share

Time flies… Unknowingly, Darren and I have done 5 cycling trips in Pengerang with 4 in this year (2013).

We started our first cycling trip in March.

Back then, we went so unprepared and naively thought that we would be able to arrive Desaru within 2 hours as per what we read from blogs.

During this virgin long distance ride, we ached so much that we had to do a turn-around back to Pengerang on the same day.


First Trip in March 2013 – in jeans & big bag !

4 months down the road in July, we attempted it once again, and managed to hit Desaru.

Feeling a huge sense of accomplishment, 3 months later in October, we went further and arrived Tanjung Balau.

This time round, we had very much wanted to conquer Tanjung Sedili but due to time constraints, we decided to do another round to Tanjung Balau instead.


Second Trip : Arrives Desaru and ‘more pro’ in helmet.

Our trip coincided with the Yuletide season and to add some cheer on the roads, we bought Christmas caps and windmills to add to our festive ride.

21 December 2013, Saturday

Air-Conditioned Fibre Boat

We met up at 9am and managed to get a boat by 9.30am.

After 4 times to Pengerang, this is the first time we boarded an air-conditioned fibre boat.

It costs SG$ 13 instead of the usual SG$ 11 for the bumboat.

But the additional SG$ 2 was totally worth it, not only for the comfort of the air-con but also with the fact that it shaved off half the time we needed to get there!


Fifth time going Pengerang, but first time taking an air-conditioned speed boat.


We arrived Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal (the customs at Pengerang) at 10.10am.

When we exited, we had a surprise. There were no cabs waiting outside!

We never did have to wait for cabs as normally cabs would be waiting outside for us. Haahaa… This was a first for us too.


First time having to wait for cabs and had time to camwhore outside the jetty.

‘Lego’ Graffiti spotted!

After a 15 minutes cab ride to Sungai Renggit, we got off the cab and saw a stickered version of the highly sensationalised Ernest Zacharevic ‘Lego’ graffiti that had caused a huge uproar in Johor Bahru.

We are quite certain we did not see this 2 months ago!

It did seemed like she needed company and we decided to help her out. Haahaa…. 🙂

Lego Graffiti

The highly sensationalised Lego Graffiti

Lego Graffiti Collage

‘Lego’ Graffiti found at Sungai Renggit.

Bike Rental ~ SHH Motors

As per our previous trips, we popped by SHH Motors and got our bikes from Mr Soon.

After 4 trips here, he has gotten quite used to us and we no longer needed to produce our passport for verifications.


Two cranky fellas gonna pedal off in their one horse open sleigh…

Lunch ~ You Kee Restaurant

As usual, we headed for a seafood lunch to power up before our ride.

We came to You Kee Restaurant once again for their Salted Egg Lobsters.

The lady boss could even remember us from our trip 2 months back.

We had a Salted Egg Lobsters, a Nai Bai and a Stir Fried Vegetables for RM 148.

Happy and satisfied from the lunch, off we went to Tanjung Balau.


Power Lunch at You Kee ~ Salted Egg Lobsters, Nai Bai and a Stir Fried Veg = RM 148

The Ride

The skies were as black as me and dark clouds were looming.

Was praying hard that we could get to our destination before the storm does, although it did seem quite a challenge.


Thor is angry…

Slightly after the mosque (10km mark), it started to drizzle.

We pedaled on.

We fought hard against the headwinds, the drizzle and our foggy glasses.

Thankfully, the showers passed and we could once again pedal on with ease, albeit still breaking through the headwinds.

Nevertheless, I was glad that there were intermittent lapses of sunshine during our ride.

20131221_144029 R1

Pedal, Pedal, Pedal ~ fighting against the headwinds.

Gone Bananas!

We came to a rest-stop and the bananas that we had consumed did not go down to our tummies but went up to our heads instead!

We started waving at every motorists and drivers that went by, wishing them a MERRY CHRISTMAS! Some waved back, some laughed, some horned…

It was a joy bringing some cheers to our fellow friends on the road and the little crazy acts that we did enliven our long mundane journey.



After the little craziness, we continued on cycling… with our caps intact! Haahaaa…. 🙂

As we got to Tanjung Balau at 5.30pm, our thighs and calves were aching.

It has been one of our toughest ride so far, with about 90% headwinds up and downslopes.


This cranky fella continued cycling in the Christmas cap… 🙂

Pelangi Balau Resort

We wanted to try a different accommodation from our previous trip and put up at Pelangi Balau Resort this time round.

It was hotel style with breakfast thrown in at RM 160 per twin room, per night.

After we dropped off our stuffs and passed by the reception, they had put up a “FULL HOUSE” signage! Lucky us…


Cap still intact…??!! Really Ah Xiao… Wahahaa… :p

Pelangi Balau Collage

Tanjung Balau Jetty

Still fascinated over the sunset we had in our previous trip, we headed over to the jetty.

The tide had receded and we could now walk on the seabed of rocks and pebbles.

Various small puddles of water created awesome reflections of the pyramid shelters.


Awesome reflections

Dinner / Supper

As like in our previous trip, we sought out dinner at the open-air carpark.

We had a Calamari (oohh… Yummzz), an Assam Fish (in diluted soup / sauce), a fried Kai Lan and a Mee Goreng for RM 31.

The food was not fantastic but it certainly was superb for its price after an RM to SG conversion.


4 dishes at only RM 31 ~ SG$ 12 or about SG$ 6 per pax…!!

Since I did not manage to have a bite at the Ayam Burger the previous time, I decided to have one this time.

I down it with a piping hot Milo after trembling from the cold chilly winds whilst sitting by the beach prior.


Milo and Burger for Supper. Waist… What’s that…?? Haahaa…. : D

22 December 2013, Sunday


Up at 6am and we strolled over to the jetty hoping to get the rising egg yolk.

Sadly, there wasn’t any.

Just as we were leaving, some rays shot through and we caught sight of these “Jesus Light”. Ohhh… Woww…

It was so gorgeous when we witnessed it on-site with our own eyes.

Mother Nature creations are just so awesome.


Wow… What gorgeous nature creations… 🙂

Beach Whores

Prior to the trip, we were looking forward to have a dip at the beach.

When we got to the beach, the clear blue waters we had two months ago had vanished. It is now a sea of ‘murky yellow froth’. Eeeuuu….

It didn’t look very appetizing and we decided to forgo getting into the waters and in replacement, we did what we did best…


No more Clear Blue Sea. Its now a Murky Yellow Froth… Eeeuuu…. : X

 2013-12-21 Balau Again3

The Return Journey

At 1.15pm, we started our return journey.

We were blessed with a superb clear blue sky and awesome weather.

Just as we were lamenting how painful it was to get back, before we knew it, we had gotten past the killer stretch.


Glorious weather on our way back

We made good time and decided to catch more shots since it was such a glorious day.

We stopped at a ranch.


Stop to smell ‘nature’… : )

It had been three trips ago since we stopped at Punggai.

Since time was on our side, we decided to re-visit our first stop and stopped at a Lalang field.

We sneaked into a construction site and got some shots too!


Lalang Field at Punggai

2013-12-21 Balau Again4

We got back to Sunggai Renggit at 5.45pm.However, that was a way over-forecasted time check as we did lots of photo stops along the way and even stopped at the tentage for some shopping before we got back into the town!

I believed we would have been able to ‘check in’ to Sungai Renggit town in 3.5 hours if we had not done those stops.

But then again, we don’t see the rationale of rushing back and missing out on what life has to offer…


Stopped at this tentage and Darren got this really ‘sut sut looking, lak-seh’ (powerful off-colour) jacket for only RM 2.50. Totally worth the stop.


We tried a new seafood restaurant again this time ~ Straits View Seafood Restaurant.

It is becoming more and more difficult NOT to fall in love with this place, especially so, with the range of restaurants for yummy-licious affordable seafood!

In all, we have tried almost all the major seafood restaurants; Jade Garden, Sin Kong, You Kee, the recently burnt down Lucky, and this time, Straits View.


Trying a new Seafood Restaurant once again ~ Straits View.

Straits View was not on the main stretch of Seafood eateries, where Jade Garden, Sin Kong and You Kee were.

Straits View was situated near the entrance when entering the town.

Since, they were a ‘stand-alone’ restaurant with no rivalries near them, we were at first quite skeptical of their standards as well.


Wonders if this Kam Hiong Lobster taste as good as it looks…

The menu is more kooky than the others with “Typhoon Shelter Lobsters”, “Cheesy Lobster”, “Lobster Sashimi”, “Cereal Lobster”, “XO Lotus Root” etc.

They had more variations in their Lobster dishes as compared to the other seafood restaurants which served mainly the popular ones such as “Lobster in Superior Sauce”, “Steamed Lobster” or “Buttered Lobster”.


“Weird” variations of lobsters… Hope to try them next time round.

We ordered a Ginger Wine Egg Soup RM 6, a Kung Pow Wild Boar RM 10, a Salted Egg Sliced Lotus Root RM 15 and a Kam Hiong Lobster at RM 12 per 100gm.


Kung Pow Wild Boar – Quite yummz and the meat is not too tough.

I loved the soup !!

It was fragrant with Chinese White Wine (Hua Tiao wine) and it was a nice cool-off after our 2 days ride.


My favorite dish amongst all ~ Ginger Wine Egg Soup RM 6

The Salted Egg Sliced Lotus Root was quite yummz initially especially when it was hot and crispy. However, once the dish went cold, it became a little too chewy.

Our total bill came to RM 111.60

Overall, I would still give my thumbs up for this new kid on the block.

It may very well soon become our next favorite haunt…


Salted Egg Sliced Lotus Root

*Update on 5 May 2015: Straits View has since closed down a week ago.

Distance Clocked 

In all, we clocked 37.04 km from Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau and 38.74 km from Tanjung Balau to Sungai Renggit with a short deviation to Punggai Beach. I burnt a total of 2,055 calories, but I think I ate much more than I burnt. Haahaa… 🙂

2013-12-21 Balau Again

Report Card ~ 2013

We did 4 rides in total, in 2013. We failed the first time round, but we did not give up. We went on a second attempt and succeeded. Thereafter, going slightly further each time. What did not kill us made us stronger than before…

Many times, we didn’t think we could make it, but when we did, we came to realise that hardwork and determination was the key to success. This is as like any other issues we face in life ~ we need to keep Working Hard at it, Push On, Persevere and Never Give Up.

Life is like cycling ~ we need to Keep Pedaling!

And with this year coming to an end and the beginning of a new year, may I wish you greater success and to scale higher heights in whatever you do.

2013 Cycling Trips colleage small R2

Push on, Persevere and Never Give Up…. Ganbatte… : D


4 responses to “Christmas Sleigh to Tanjung Balau

  1. That sounds a great trip! Well, I wish I can have that kind of trips by riding bicycle.

    • xia says:

      Hi Michael ;

      I’m sure you can too! We started off with baby steps to Punggai (about 18km) and thereafter increasing a little with every trip. You’ll never know the power of yourself until you are being put to the test! With the embrace of this new year, may you set you heart to achieve this little dream you endeavor. I hope to see you on the roads someday soon. Do write and let me know if you do. Wishing you a beautiful year ahead 🙂

  2. Tim says:

    Hi Xia, what lovely sounding bike trips you have been making. I wonder if you can give us an idea of how much motorised traffic you encountered on the road between Rengit and Desaru? We will make this trip soon by bike and are curious of your experience.
    Tim & M

    • xia says:

      Hi Tim & M ;

      Thank you for popping by.

      There are basically two routes from Sg Renggit to Desaru. All these times, we had used the coastal route which is relatively lesser traffic and more scenic (road on your right once you exit Sg Renggit).

      There is also a ‘main’ road to your left when you leave Sg Renggit. This road is of a higher motorised traffic especially those large construction vehicles.

      For your first trip, you may like to consider using the coastal road to your right. If you scan through some of my pics, you can see us jumping and having shots on the roads which are virtually little or no traffic.

      I hope that helps.

      Wishing you a safe and fun trip. You may want to catch a lobster feast at Sg Renggit town too if you are into seafood. Do write back and let me know of your biking experience 🙂

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