Xia's Journey

Foldie goes Tinggi

on April 30, 2015

Date of Trip : 3 to 7 April 2015, Good Friday to Tuesday


Tanjung Balau; Pelangi Balau Resort; RM 160 per night
Kota Tinggi; Heritage Hotel; RM 120 per night x 2 nights
Johor Bahru; Gateway Hotel; RM100 per night

Since getting my little foldie some months back, he has became my best friend. I have been ‘dating’ him often and exploring new terrains with him. Our favorite location is Punggol beach, which is a mere 6km away from home. We have also visited the last kampung at Buangkok, The Animal Resort at Seletar Farmway, an under-redevelopment Coney Island, Lor Halus, BrightHill Evergreen Home at Punggol (where I used to volunteer), Seletar Mall to meet up my friends for breakfast etc. He has also gone Mac Ritchie reservoir, Seletar reservoir and Sun Yat Sen Memorial Hall with his 26″ good friend. All of these little outings were within close proximity to home and confined to our little red dot.


Clockwise from top left: Punggol Beachfront near Marina Country Club, last kampung on mainland Singapore at Lorong Buangkok, The Animal Resort at Seletar West Farmway 5, the path leading to Coney Island.

On 3 April 2015, Good Friday, he broke all grounds and ventured out of Singapore to Kota Tinggi. It was of no mean feat covering that amount of distance on his 20″ wheels, but he did it and I’m so proud of him. I pedaled and pedaled, with the remaining half of my life left, but he didn’t give up and continued to persevere as much as I did. This blog post entails a photo journey of the adventures that we’ve had.

Report Card
Day 1: 3 April 2015, Good Friday
Home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal : 18km (1hr 20mins) Denoted as white line (1) in map below.
Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit : 18km (1hr 20mins) Denoted as yellow line (2) in map below.
Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau : 37km (4hr 45mins) Denoted as pink line (3) in map below.
(fyi: Sungai Renggit to Desaru : 31km. Additional 6km from Desaru round-about to Tanjung Balau)


I’ve got the power! Getting started on my 18km pedal from Tanjung Pengilih Ferry Terminal to Sungai Renggit town (18km).


No worries, I jes need to follow that yellow highlighter cap in front. Haahaa… 🙂


It is getting increasingly difficult to cycle from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit with so many of these huge heavy vehicles crossing in our paths.


These huge heavy vehicles brought with them mud, sand and gravel and some were spilled out during the transportation process. The roads became sandy and muddy, and hence, increasing the level of difficulty in cycling.

After an 18km from home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal (1) and another 18km from Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit (2), my knees were screaming with pain. By the time I needed to cover the 37km from Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau (3), I was already half-dead. With the countless upslopes and long flat grounds, I struggled with all my might and many times, I had to get off to push the bike cos’ I was so flat out.


Slightly out of Sungai Renggit town, we would pass by this site with red soil. It never fails to bring a wow especially so, when placed against a beautiful blue sky. It feels like Ayers Rock had moved to Pengerang!


My cycling mate bumped into some of his blog readers whilst we were on our way from Sungai Renggit town to Tanjung Balau.


Its still a long long journey ahead for foldie … … … …

My cycling mate and I had arranged to meet at Pelangi Balau Resort or Chalet Nelayan Tanjung Balau or Desaru Damai Beach. The latter was a 6km away from the first two and I was praying hard to catch him there cos’ otherwise, I would have to cycle an additional 6km back to Desaru to locate him. At the back of my mind, I was secretly planning my contingencies such as hitching a ride! Haahaa… : O


Ahhh… I’ve reached the Desaru round-about. Once I’ve arrived here, I knew we were only 6km away from Tanjung Balau. Comeon, foldie, you can do it… Ganbatte…!! I was praying hard and keeping my fingers crossed that he would be at either Pelangi Balau Resort or Chalet Nelayan Tanjung Balau. Cos otherwise, I would have ‘wasted’ cycling 6km to Tanjung Balau and then having to cycle another 6km back to Desaru to meet him. I was so so so dead tired with fatigue that every single pedal counts.


Thankfully, I found him at Pelangi Balau Resort and by the end of Day 1, I had clocked 73km (18km + 18km + 37km).

Day 2 : 4 April 2015, Saturday
Tanjung Balau to Kota Tinggi : 50km (5hr 25mins) Denoted as blue line (4) in map below.


Ready to set off for Kota Tinggi…?? 50km ahead. Jia You!


Passed by the Desaru Fruit Farm which we came to some years ago. Beautiful memories of that trip came flowing back.


With no shelter ahead, the sky looked like it was about to burst into tears and there were lightning flashing across the sky. OMG, prayed hard and kept my fingers crossed for the lightning to pass quickly and thankfully, our prayers were answered.


wOO… We’ve reached Kota Tinggi…. at long last…!!


Clocked 122km in two days.

Day 3 : 5 April 2015, Sunday
Explored Kota Tinggi town on foot

Day 4 : 6 April 2015, Monday
Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru : 43km (6hrs) Denoted as fuschia pink line (4) in map below.


Setting off for Johor Bahru. Wish us good luck.


Went on the Expressway which was a 40km ride from Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru.


Did 16km. Only 24km more to go… Comeon, comeon, comeon….


Whooppsss… Did you see something on the signage?! No bicycles allowed on the expressway and we were actually criss-crossing in and out of it. Ohh dear… It was so dangerous. We were actually a road hazard not only to ourselves but to the other road users too. Terrible! This might be the first and last time we gonna use this route.


We went through tunnels and look at how fast the vehicles were travelling at! Most of them were travelling at 60km/hr or 80km/hr and I was going at 10km/hr. My gosh…!!


Movistar and I have reached the junction of Woodlands / Johor Bahru. Had wanted to make a dash back to Singapore but decided to stay for the night after we saw flashes of lightning across the sky.


Yes, we’ve reached Johor Bahru city centre. The (pedestrians) customs was just behind me. So near, yet so far…. Haahaa… 🙂


Had clocked 165km in 4 days.

Day 5 : 7 April 2015, Tuesday
Johor Bahru to Woodlands Causeway : 5km (30 mins) Denoted as orange line (6) in map below.
Woodlands to Home : 3km (Cycled to Kranji MRT. Took MRT to Woodlands. Took bus from Woodlands Interchange to Sengkang. Cycled home from Sengkang Interchange.)


Last leg of the trip from Johor Bahru back to Singapore.


This is my first time cycling across Woodlands customs using the dedicated motor vehicles lane. The motorists were going so fast and zooming past me. Seriously, I was kinda worried that I’ll topple over… *Feeling scaredz and worried*


Oh my… I’ve crossed the customs and on my way home from Woodlands. uhOO…


It was the first time I pushed my bike into a train without folding and also a first time folding the bike and bringing it onto a bus!


F I N A L L Y,  F I N A L L Y  reached home …. 174km in total.


foldie route r1

Foldie made it to Tinggi and back 🙂

(1) Home to Changi Point Ferry Terminal : 18km (1hr 20mins)

(2) Tanjung Pengilih to Sungai Renggit : 18km (1hr 20mins)

(3) Sungai Renggit to Tanjung Balau : 37km (4hr 45mins)

(4) Tanjung Balau to Kota Tinggi : 50km (5hr 25mins)

(5) Kota Tinggi to Johor Bahru : 43km (6hrs)

(6) Johor Bahru to Woodlands Causeway : 5km (30 mins)

(6) Woodlands to Home : 3km (1 hour via train, bus and cycling)



14 responses to “Foldie goes Tinggi

  1. Arthur says:

    Wow.. thats such a long distance…

  2. Alicia Cheng says:

    Hats off to you. We’re looking to do a similar trip through Changi Point Ferry Terminal round trip. Maybe we might go all the way to Desaru another time. Was thinking it may too much for me who doesn’t really cycle much. Your article is an inspiration and I think I will try it nevertheless.

    • xia says:

      Thanks Alicia. We started off small too. During the first time round, we didn’t even made it to Desaru either and had to turn back. https://xiajourney.wordpress.com/2013/04/20/a-cycle-mania-expedition/

      Thereafter, with more practice, we went further and further; to Desaru (31km from Sungai Renggit), Tanjung Balau (37km from Sungai Renggit) and then to Kota Tinggi (87km from Sungai Renggit).

      Step by step, slowly and surely, you’ll make it, Alicia. Jia you and all the best. Cycle safe and have loads of fun along the way.

  3. AT says:

    Enjoyed reading about this trip. But do cycle safely – preferably in a group. The world is not as safe as b4 – there are still lots of adventures to have but just need to take more precautions. God bless.

  4. Noel says:

    Xia and Movistar, together with my wife and 2 friends, we did the Pengarang to Desaru trip over the Hari Raya Puasa holiday on Fri and came back on yesterday afternoon. We did it on 2 Giant Chiron 2s, a Raleigh 20 and a Vert V8 – all foldies. Thanks for covering that leg over your blog and giving me valuable information so that I could look after the 3 ladies.

  5. Shann says:

    Cycling looks really fun now. Thank you for your post on folding bike! Me newbie..wanting to get one..world is so small. I spotted my friend in your photo..lol

    • xia says:

      Hi Shann ;

      That’s good. Do loads of research and try on several bikes before you get one.

      Where is your fren in this blog post? Maybe you could send him / her this post and I’m sure he / she would be quite surprised to see himself / herself here. Haahaaa…. :p

  6. Adrian says:

    Hi Xia,

    I just discovered your blog when I googled Dahon HORIZE. I really appreciated your detailed experience with bike shops, and just now your trip through southern Malaysia. You sure loaded up your bike rack- were you sleeping in tents?

    I was wondering- have you had any problem with your Java? Squeaking at joints, handlebar stems? Do you find it moves/flexes? I’m scared to try a non brand name (like Brompton, Tern, Dahon) because it might turn out to be cr*p!

    Have a great day and look forward to reading more in your blog while waiting for yoru reply!


    • xia says:

      Hi Adrian ;

      Thank you for popping by and glad that you found the infor of some help.

      Haahaa… Nope. We didn’t camp in tents. We spend the nights in rest houses etc. My bag was bulky from the daily change of clothes and my bursting toiletries bag 🙂

      I haven’t had much problem with my Java so far, except that the bike was a little slow, probably from the smaller wheels and low gears. But then again, it could be a user problem rather than a hardware issue.

      It would be best for you to do more research on the bike that you are looking out for, and to go on some test rides if possible. Do try on a variety of bikes so as to get a feel of what you like and what you don’t.

      Hope that helps. Have fun shopping for your new bike and hope to catch ya on the roads someday soon… 🙂

  7. Adrian says:

    Hi Xia, me again.

    In the last 5 weeks I finally cycled to Desaru twice, encouraged by your blog. I actually wanted to cycle from Desaru to JB too, but, as you said, the Expressways dont allow bikes and the circular route through Kota Tinggi is too long.

    I’m very impressed with your achievements.Riding a bike with 7 speeds is quite limiting, and you’re right- the new roads are long and very exposed.

    From your blog, it looks like you’re sticking to SG island for now. Hope to read some more of your adventures in the future!



    • xia says:

      Hi Adrian ;

      Its good to hear from you again. I’m so glad that you found the blog post useful and managed to make it to Desaru and twice!

      Haahaa… yup, getting there on a 7-speed foldie is indeed quite challenging, but no regrets doing so… Heh heh hehh… :p

      I haven’t been getting to Sg Rengit or Desaru in the last couple of months, but I hope to be able to do it again soon. Hope to catch ya on the roads someday soon. Remember to say Hi if we do meet ya 🙂

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