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on July 4, 2016

With my new RED HOT CONTE, I was off exploring the PCN, testing the bike and its performance. Here are some of my favorite pictures with 小红.

小红’s virgin ride to Punggol Park
小红 saw this half-parched tree on the Punggol PCN towards Sengkang Riverside Park. Poor tree… 😦
Almost every weekend, 小红 will cycle past SAFRA Punggol. Today, it has finally opened its doors. It is a rather amazing feeling similar to a baby being born after a nine months pregnancy.
I had just touched down in Singapore and was so itching for a ride. Glad I decided to go for it despite being so drained else, I wouldn’t have caught this amazing sunset near Punggol Marina.
I super-love this sunset for the amazing reflection it had on the mirrored waters and its rays fighting to break through the clouds. Taken at Punggol PCN as well.
小红 went gai gai with old fren Java TT7. Was so glad that I had two bikes and that I could go cycling with a good friend of mine.
It was Joyce’s first visit to the Coney island and it was already a remarkable feat for her to be able to cover that distance. Good job, my dear friend. So proud of you!
Love this hill beside SAFRA Punggol which gives the illusion of the bike being in the clouds.
小红与大树. We are really really so minute in this universe.

小红 was put to test one of the nights when I chased after a cyclist.

During my recent 8.5 days meditation retreat at Bodhi Meditation Center, we were constantly ‘drilled’ with values such as patience, compassion and loving kindness to all. We were encouraged to practice loving kindness and to treat everyone we see on the streets as our own sibling, parents or grandparents.

During all these times when I cycle on the PCN’s (park connectors), I’ll see foreign workers cycling past me or towards me without any lights. I reckon most either do not wish to or do not feel the need to, to spend their additional savings on the lights, which I can fully understand. But, they do not realise how dangerous that is for themselves and for other PCN users, especially because certain segments of the PCN can get quite dark without any street lights.

Hence, I bought lots of front and rear bike lights from Bike Zone Connection Sengkang Square to pass to any of these foreign workers if I should come across any of them. Knowing that I was out on a mission, Johnson and Alan (the really sweet and kind guyz at Bike Zone) even gave me a discount on the lights.

As I cycled back after the sunset one of the nights, I saw a foreign worker cycling towards me without any bike lights. I hesitated and was afraid to approach him.

“Stop him. No, I think I better not. Stop him. No, maybe he doesn’t need a light. Stop him. I think maybe another day. Stop him. No, I’m scared.” After all that deliberation, the foreign worker had already cycled way past me.

I finally decided to turn around and chased after him to give him the lights. My Conte’s performance was put to the test in that chase and I finally caught up with him. I guess it was scary for him to have someone popping out of nowhere and stopping him in the middle of the PCN as well.

I asked if he had a light (what a silly question, obviously he didn’t have one!) and asked why he didn’t have a light. (Another even sillier question… Duhh….!) Because, I didn’t know how else or what else to ask to break the ice from his frightened and startled face.

I helped him install the front and rear lights on his bike. He was happy and grateful and gave me a huge smile before he disappeared into the dark PCN again.

Instead of lamenting (like in the past) why they refuse to install bike lights, we can instead be the light they need ~ brightening the PCN one bike at a time.

The frightened and startled foreign worker must have heaved a sigh of relief after I helped him installed the lights. Haahaa…. 🙂 He broke into a huge smile before he disappeared into the dark PCN again.

I did up a post on my Facebook and had the biggest shock of my life when the post went viral, garnering 81 shares.

To me, I believe that we should not do good because of fame or glory or because it makes us happy. We should do it because we believe that our little act of kindness will make a small difference to the other person’s life or day. Our days on Earth are very limited, and we should always try to do good every single day or at every single chance we get.

Below is an excerpt of the article published in Lianhe Wanbao (a local news publication) as well as in an online media, Mothership.sg

2016-07-04 13.41.31 R1
Didn’t even know that this was out in the papers until a friend tipped me off.

Article in Mothership.sg;


Mothership 01Mothership 02Mothership 03


8 responses to “小红探险记

  1. Adrian says:

    Hi Xia,

    Just popped by to see if your blog had any updates and wow! Were there updates!

    You are such a good hearted person. I agree about those foreign workers cycling without lights, but you went further and did something about it. (I cringe in shame)

    And your bike!…..I wish you had chatted to me about it first! Because if you think 8 gears is good (and 8 is much better than 7), wait til you try one with 9! If we pretend your budget is under $1000, I can suggest the FSIR Spin 5- 9 speed+ only 9.5kg, or Crius- their Dhougby Ghout MRT shop has a 9 speed one weighing about 8.5kg. Really paperweights. I used to have a FSIR but I am too heavy to keep using it 😦

    I’m actually looking for a new bike right now, wish me luck and pray I find a fashionable glossy new bike which is also light and fast!

    See ya!


    • Adrian says:

      I mean FSIR SPin 5 has a shop on Joo Chiat ..lane or road- Inner City Rhythm. Crius brand – I saw them at their Dhogby Ghout MRT shop.

      • xia says:

        Hi Adrian ;

        Thanks for popping back 🙂

        Thank you for informing me of the FSIR and Crius. Woww… At that kind of weights they have, I’m sure they would be flying off the shelves!

        Have loads of fun shopping for your new bike and hope to catch you with your new bike someday soon.

        Best Regards,

    • Vince says:

      Hi Adrian,

      If you are just looking for foldies, I would recommend you drop by Mybikeshop too, which has multiple outlets in West Coast, Henderson Industrial Estate and Sin Ming. They carry Dahons, Terns and Tyrells just to name a few, which are very good brands.

      Now I would also like to emphasize that the number of gears are not very important in choosing bikes. What is most important is the ‘feel’, that is why trying bikes out is key to choosing the bike you like most. I myself own a single speed which has been a very fun ride so far (yes, single speeds can be very enjoyable rides!).

      Happy shopping! 🙂


  2. Vince says:

    Hi Xia,

    Great initiative you have there! Me and a group of kakis had the same idea some years back but it didn’t materialize, good to know there is someone doing about it right now!

    Keep on rolling!


    • xia says:

      Thanks lots, Vince. I haven’t been doing it for a while though cos I had a bad fall not too long ago and had to refrain from cycling past night fall… :”(

      • Vince says:

        Oh man, sorry to hear about that. I understand the phobia as I myself had several falls and near misses as well, it is not easy to get past that especially for a road cyclist like me. Hope you recover and get back on your bike soon!

      • xia says:

        Thanks Vince… 🙂

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