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Pigging out in Penang

on October 10, 2013

Date of Trip                 :           29 Sept 2013, Sunday to 3 Oct 2013, Thursday.


To                                :           Jetstar 3K 675, 29 Sept 2013, Sunday, 3.10pm – 4.35pm

Return                         :           Jetstar 3K 676, 3 Oct 2013, Thursday, 5.15pm – 6.40pm

Cost of Flight               :           S$104.22 per pax, with one way 20kg check-in luggage

Accommodation          :           No. 12 Penang Old House (on Jalan Phuah Hin Leong)

In the midst of running around Penang, we pigged out too.

However, I think I’m in the least qualified position to do up a food post since I’m neither a foodie nor a food lover.

I am an ‘eat to live person’, and hence, I do not really give my five cents worth unless they are really extra-ordinary in some way or another.

I came across these few foods in Penang which I particularly love and would like to document and share them.

Tong Pak Fu糖百府 

IMG_2578Linda and I were off dinner and chanced upon this Hong Kong dessert shop, Tong Pak Fu 糖百府 along Tong Pak Fu Burma Road (a little side road off the main Burma Road).

It was quite packed when we stepped in, but we managed to get a little cozy spot near the bar counter.

IMG_2579With its origins from Hong Kong, Tong Pak Fu has been reputed for its shaved ice and authentic Hong Kong desserts.

With a spirit and desire to improve and breakthrough, they are constantly inventing and re-inventing new concoctions on the menu.


Tracka Durian Snow Ice – MUST Try …!!

There was an endless variety of hot and cold desserts for us to choose from.

Some of the highest rated desserts include; Chocolate Lava Cake, Glutinous Rice, Peanut Cream Soup and Mango Snow Ice.

The Tracka Durian Snow Ice was ranked Number 1 on the ‘Must-Try’ list.

IMG_2589There are several Snowy Ice variations such as Milk Snowy, Green Tea & Red Bean Snowy, Chocolate, Almond, Coffee, Banana, Horlicks, Guava, Grass Jelly, Black Sesame, Mango, Mango Milk, Peanut, Watermelon and Ovaltine Snowys.

All of them looked so enticing that we had a hard time deciding on one.

Ultimately, we went with Durian Snow Ice since it was so highly rated.

IMG_2586The Durian ice was shaved into layers and stacked into a pyramid.

When we placed it into our mouths, it melted beautifully.

Every scoop of it was soft, smooth, creamy and rich with durian.

I immediately got the staff over and asked her how they did it.


Totally Heavenly…!! The Monster Balls are to die for…

What they did was to blend the fresh Tracka Durian flesh with milk plus some ‘secret ingredients’ and freeze it.

Upon customer orders, they would use the shaver machine to shave it into thin soft layers of shaven ice to be built into a pyramid.

For the Durian Snow Ice, they topped it with corn flakes, grass jelly, Nata De Coco and Monster Balls.

The Nata De Coco added a ‘crunchy’ bite to it whilst the Monster Balls were to die for !

The monster balls burst when you bite into it and spurts out sweet tasting juices lingering in your mouth and taste buds. It was pure ecstasy!!!

I gave my two thumbs up for it… 🙂


Name of Eatery : Tong Pak Fu 糖百府 
Cost : RM 12.80 – Tracka Durian Snow Ice
Location : Jalan Burma Penang (19 locations in Malaysia)
Facebook Site : https://www.facebook.com/tongpakfu.my
Operating Hours : 12 noon to 12 midnight

Mews Café @ Muntri Mews

20131001_132010“Raindrops keeping falling on our heads, just like the guy whose feet are too big for his head…” We sang as we ran to seek shelter at Muntri Mews (hotel) when the rain drops started pitter pattering on our heads.

This was where our ‘new friends’ (Sisters; Hiromi & Naomi Abe whom we got to know at the airport) stayed.



We Facebooked them, hoping they were around to come join us, whilst we ordered a dessert.

We took a Berry Crumble, which came with a scoop of Vanilla ice cream.

It was a fusion of warm and cold, sweet and sour all in one; warmth from the crumble, cold from the ice-cream, sweet from the ice-cream and sour from the berries.

Our taste buds didn’t know which to follow, but it didn’t matter because it was just pure yUmmz when all combined.

Name of Eatery : Mews Café @ Muntri Mews
Cost : RM 13 – Berry Crumble
Location : 77 Jalan Muntri, Georgetown 10200, Penang, Malaysia
Facebook Site : https://www.facebook.com/kafemews
Operating Hours : Mon to Fri : 8.00am to 11.00pm

Sat & Sun : 8.00am to 12.00 mn

Contact Number +60 4263 5125
Email info@muntrimews.com

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol ~ Chendol on the Streets 

IMG_2703I was strolling along Penang Road and came across a long queue at this Chendol stall located beside Joo Hooi coffee shop.

There were two stalls directly across each other.

The one with long queue had our home-grown Phua Chu Kang cast (Gurmit Singh and Irene Ang’s) pictures plastered on the push cart.

Customers were standing and eating by the roadside beside their stall.


Penang Road Teochew Chendol – Best in Penang, Singapore and Some say Malacca !

The other was practically ‘queue-less’.

Since it didn’t take too long to serve up a Chendol or Ice Kacang, I decided to order one from the ‘long queue stall’.

And as like the saying goes, “Do as the Romans do”, where I stood by the roadside to slurp down the Chendol.

Nevermind how the Chendol tasted, it just felt so authentic standing by the roadside eating! Haahaa… 🙂

20131002_150856Thankfully, the Chendol was no disappointment.

The red beans and kidney beans were sweet and fragrant.

The coconut milk was in the correct proportions, without it getting too milky or jar-lat.

The brown sugar was not too sweet, but when combined with the ‘green worms’ that were full of pandan flavor, it exuded such an aromatic sweet smelling taste which made it the perfect combination.

Name of Eatery : Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendol
Cost : RM 2.00
Location : Lebuh Keng Kwee, off Penang Road
Operating Hours : Mon to Fri : 10.30am to 7.00pm

Sat & Sun : 10.00am to 7.30pm

Reflections Organic Café – Vegetarian Lunch

We ate a lot of other local street food in those couple of days during our trip. We had Penang Laksa, Chow Kway Teow, Prawn Noodle, Kueh Pie Tie, Wanton Mee, Oyster Omelette, Otak, Bak Kut Teh, Cai Tao Kueh etc.

2013-10-10 Pigging out in Penang Collage

20131003_131813After all these sinful indulgences, it was time for our colons to take a breather, when we decided to head for the organic vegan café two doors away from our Home Stay.

The wooden furniture, colourful lanterns, art pieces with a “Tree of Life” on the clean, white walls gave the entire café a very bright, cheerful and homely disposition. It felt just like the home away from home.

We ordered a Roselle drink at RM 3 each, a fried rice at RM 7.90 and a set of ‘drumsticks’ at RM 3.80. The total bill costs us less than RM 20.


A roselle drink cheers to our wonderful trip and hoping for many more to come… : D

The Roselle drink reminded me very much of my facial as this refreshing drink was served after every time I had one.

The fried rice was fragrant with pine nuts and the ‘drumsticks’ that were made of beancurd skin were not too oily.

Man strength at this little café was lean, hence, take your time to browse through the many art pieces and the “Tree of Life” leaves whilst waiting for your dishes to get prepared.

Name of Eatery : Reflections Organic Food Cafe  
Cost : RM 17.70
Location : 16 Jalan Phuah Hin Leong Road
Contact Number : +60 4228 9981
Operating Hours : Mon to Sat Lunch : 11.00am to 4.00pm

Mon to Sat Dinner : 5.30pm to 8.30pm

Closed on Sundays and Public Holidays


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