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Taiwan Summer Diary 台湾夏日游 – Day 4 : Yu Li > Fu Li

on September 24, 2013

Day 4 : 26 Aug 2013, Mon, Yu Li Chike Mountain > Fu Li 60 Stone Mountain

By 7am, we were up and ready for the highlight of our trip!

We will be covering Chike Mountain  赤科山 in Yuli 玉里鎮 in the morning and 60 Stone Mountain 六十石山 in Fu Li 富里in the afternoon.

This is the day that we had been looking forward to all these months – to shoot the daylilies 金针花 fields.


Gorgeous view we saw on the way up Chike Mountain

Chike Mountain 赤科

Chike Mountain and 60 Stone Mountain stands at 415 meters and 800 meters tall respectively.

With altitudes of more than 900 meters above sea level, combined with the mist, low temperature and fertile red soil, these factors brought about a higher quality of daylilies, resulting in a splendid sea of golden daylilies.


Splendid sea of golden daylilies

Some years back, the impressive sight of Chike Mountain’s flowers in bloom went viral and over the years, tourists and locals flood to these two mountains to view the blanket of golden daylilies during the blooming periods of August and September.


Working on the daylily field


Daylilies are perennial plants, which also meant that the flowers typically do not last more than 24 hours. Each blossom lasts only a day, accounting for the plant’s botanical name “Hemerocallis”, meaning Beauty for a Day.

The plant has been cultivated for tourism and consumption.

It is not only high in carbohydrates, protein, fiber, and iron, it is also an effective treatment for calming the nerves. Its tubers are also edible and used in salads and soups.

Consumption of raw daylilies is not advisable as a majority of daylilies are slightly toxic which may result in abdominal pain and diarrhoea.


Such beauty but a pity that it only lasts a day

We visited 4 fields on Chike Mountain.

The first was 林家園.

When we got off the vehicle, we were completely dazzled by the picturesque sea of golden-colored flowers dancing in the wind amongst the clouds and mountains.


Picturesque sea of golden-colored flowers at 林家園

Butterflies were fluttering around the flowers, bees were extracting nectar and workers were picking in the field. We were speechless just looking at the field ahead of us. It was simply awesome gorgeous-ticular (gorgeous + spectacular!).

We visited two more smaller daylilies field, one of it being 小瑞士農before arriving at this Wang Family Historic Residence 汪家古厝.


My favorite pic on this trip !

The Wang Family Historic Residence has over 40 years of history and is one of the “Three Chike Sights” up at Chike Mountain which are tourists hot spots. We did not get to cover the other two; one of which is a cluster of three black igneous rocks and the other is an unusually shaped heavy stone turtle.


Wang Family Historic Residence 汪家古厝

The Wang Family Historic Residence is a wooden four-section compound, reflecting the style of southern Fukien Province. The wood used for this hut came from various trees, including the Formosan Michelia, Taiwan Zelkova and Chike trees.


Roof and front porch of the hut has been use to sun the daylilies

Around 1960, the elderly Mr. Wang invited a master carpenter from his hometown of Chiayi to journey a long distance to Chike Mountain to build this house, which is also now the oldest building on Chike Mountain.

The roof and front porch of the hut has been use to sun the daylilies, whilst the hut houses preserved daily articles and farming tools that served as reminders of the early life at Chike Mountain.


A different daylily species in pink, found at the front porch of Wang Family Historic Residence 汪家古厝

Name of Attraction


Chike Mountain  赤科山

Admission Charges


Free Of Charge



Gaoliao,Guanyin Village,Yuli Township, Hualian County, Taiwan

Take the road on the east side at 287K, Provincial Highway No. 9

At each of the 4 daylilies field, our driver waited impatiently for us to finish up. After our 4th pit stop at Wang Family Historic Residence, he F1 us to 60 Stone Mountain before dropping us hastily and sped off.

HSH_8224 20130826_10314_82242

Only pic with Carren

The roads down Chike Mountain and up 60 Stone Mountain were treacherous and our heads were going round in circles as like the Grand Prix route. He must have been practising for his F1 driving to come to Singapore to compete because we were one hour ahead of schedule!

We had intended to have lunch at another location but because all of us were so nauseous from his driving that we just got off the vehicle as quickly as we could.


Our 1-0-1 group picture ! (1-0-1 = One and Only One)

60 Stone Mountain 六十石山

We checked into our accommodation at Wang Qiu Yuan Home Stay 忘憂園民宿 and had lunch here instead.

There were only two accommodations up on 60 Stone Mountain with 20 rooms.

One of it is Wang Qiu Yuan Home Stay 忘憂園民宿 and the other is Yi Shun Home Stay.


Wang Qiu Yuan Home Stay 忘憂園民宿

On the menu, there were only 7 dishes to choose from.

We had a stir-fried Daylily dish, a daylily soup, a steamed chicken and a mushroom. It was quite interesting to be eating the flower that we have been shooting since morning. My favourite dish was the steamed chicken which was sweet, soft and tender. Loved it. Super yummmzz…


Lunch at Wang Qiu Yuan Home Stay 忘憂園民宿. Loved the chicken… Yummzz yummzz… : D

After a good lunch and some rest, we decided to check out the daylily fields, Jesus light 耶穌光 as well as the pavilions on 60 Stone Mountain 六十石山.

60 Stone Mountain 六十石山 was also previously known as 60 Dan Mountain 六十旦山.

During the Japanese occupation era, an average paddy field could yield around forty to fifty dan of millet. A “dan” is a unit of measure for dry grain at 100 litres. However, on this mountain, the average paddy field could yield sixty dan of millet, thus it was called Sixty Dan Mountain.

As the Chinese character used for the word Dan is the same as the one used for the word Stone, they changed the name to become “Liu Shi Shi Mountain” Sixty Stone Mountain 六十石山.


Time to check out the daylily fields

60 Stone Mountain boasts 300 hectares of daylily fields and has been constructed with ten pavilions on the mountain. Each pavilion is of a different design, built according to the different daylilies and given beautiful names based on these varieties.


Such an overwhelming feeling to be in the sea of daylilies

We visited two of it; 黃花 which was situated beside a carpark and 忘憂亭which was the highest peak on 60 Stone Mountain.


60 Stone Mountain 六十石山 previously known as 60 Dan Mountain 六十旦山

If feasting our eyes on the overflowing daylily field wasn’t enough, we had a double dose of it on our way to 黃花.

This huge pond provided such a gorgeous reflection on a beautiful blue day with white fluffy clouds that it was such a bonus seeing double.


Seeing double

We got to 黃花.

黃花 has two decks of viewing gallery overseeing the town and the far horizon. The pavillion was situated beside a carpark and there were several stalls by the road. This was one of the more popular and touristy pavilions apart from 忘憂亭.


What a bonus to be seeing double

The stalls by the road sold snacks, drinks and even packets of dried Daylilies as souvenirs. I bought 3 packets of them at NT $100 each.

Several of the stores were selling Deep Fried Daylilies.

We stopped by one of them and bought a tray to share.

The batter encasing the daylily was light. It was sprinkled with some salt after the deep frying process. It felt a little like French Fries. I would have preferred it without the salt though.

Day 04

Top : Batter of Daylilies and Bottom : Deep Fried Daylilies.

After our little tea break, we hurried along to get to 忘憂亭to catch the “Jesus Light” 耶穌光 which was the aspiration behind this trip.

忘憂亭 is 972 meters above sea level and is the highest point on 60 Stone Mountain. From the foot of the mountain, it takes about 30 to 45 minutes to get to the peak.


Its not a long way up, but 5 steep bends are enough to have you catching your breath

From afar, it looked like a huge milestone to conquer, but as we trotted on, the distance wasn’t as long as we thought it would be, but there are 5 steep bends before we hit the relatively flat plateau and those were the killers. I would not say that its extremely tough, but its no stroll in the gardens.


So near yet so far….

Up on 忘憂亭, we were treated to even greater gifts from Mother Nature.

Standing atop the mountain and having the cool mountain breeze beating on our naked faces, we felt so liberated like eagles soaring in the sky.


Very faint rays of Jesus Light is better to have none at all

Together with a long stretch of photographers, we waited for the Jesus Light to peep out from behind the clouds. We waited and waited from 3.30pm till 6.30pm. There were several faint appearances but as hard as it tried, it couldn’t break through the thick clouds.

Disappointed, we made our way down and back to our accommodation for dinner.


Long stretch of photographers awaiting too

Name of Attraction


Sixty Stone Mountain 六十石山

Admission Charges


Free Of Charge



Zhutian Village,Fuli Township, Hualian County, Taiwan

Take the road on the east side at 308.6K, Provincial Highway No.9

How To Get Here


Take train to Hualian Railway Station (花蓮火車站) -> Hualian Bus (花蓮客運) bound for Taitung (台東) or Fuli (富里) -> Zhutien stop (竹田站) -> take a taxi to Mt. Liushishi (六十石山)


Take Dindong Bus (鼎東客運) bound for Hualian (花蓮) or Rueisuei (瑞穗) to Zutien stop(竹田站) -> take a taxi to Mt. Liushishi (六十石山)

As we had four dishes during lunch, we chose the remaining 3 dishes on the menu, repeating the yummy chicken we had at lunch. Despite the many other dishes, the steamed chicken was still my paramount favourite. Two thumbs up for it!

With the advice from one of the staffs, we headed to 黃花 once again to try shooting star trails or the milky way.

When we got to 黃花 the skies were red and crowded with thick clouds. There was nothing else in sight.

As we strolled back to our accommodation, we saw the entire sky adorned with stars like diamonds scattered across a black velvet cloth. It was such a sight to behold.


Entire sky adorned with stars like diamonds scattered across a black velvet cloth. It was literally a blanket of stars. But alas, there’s too much light pollution from the accommodations nearby

Armed with my gear, I went to the second level balcony of our accommodation to try shooting the stars.

If not for the cold chilly winds, I would have spent my night at the balcony under the blanket of stars.

The feeling was just amazing and immense !


Gotten a bit of the milky way. How glad i was

With my very mediocre skills, I managed to get a little trail of the milky way. It wasn’t the perfect milky way shot, but it was an effort no doubt.

Wang Qiu Yuan Home Stay 忘憂園民宿

Without any company to walk up to the viewing gallery to try shooting the milky way, I called it a night at 11pm.

The rooms that we had were very basic with little furnishing.

We were provided with disposable hand and bath towel, which was quite unusual and a first during this trip. However, the disposable bath towels had a queer smell upon use and it couldn’t perform as well as a normal towel.

We had a double bed but a Single size quilt.

Since my roomie was not feeling too well for the day, I gave up the quilt and had her wrapped up in warmth instead.

I snuggled up in my sweats, tights and long socks but alas that didn’t prevent me from getting a chill the next day and subsequent days after.


Such a tiny quilt for such a huge bed. Good for couples so that they could snuggle together. Haahaa… : D

Name of Accommodation


Wang Qiu Yuan Home Stay 忘憂園民宿



NT $2000 twin share, per room, per night



No. 33, 竹田村25鄰雲閩, Fuli Township, Hualian County, Taiwan 983

Contact Number


886 972 837 928







Taxi from Yu Li to Fu Li

NT $3200

Lunch =忘憂園民宿

NT $700

Tea-Break = Deep Fried Daylilies

NT $50

Dinner =忘憂園民宿

NT $600

Accommodation =

忘憂園民宿, NT $2000 twin share, per room, per night

NT $4000


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